Monday, December 15, 2008



No, not Emiliano Zapata (at least not in this case, though I think Zapata and his Army of Liberation would approve of this shoe revolution).

Zapatos are Shoes, as anyone who has taken a first-year Spanish course can tell you. (P: Donde estan mis zapatos? R: Los zapatos estan a sus pies.)

Hundreds of Iraqis joined in anti-US demonstrations to protest at Bush's farewell visit to Iraq on Sunday. In the aftermath of the 2003 U.S. invasion, Iraq was plunged into a deadly insurgency and near civil war.
Throwing shoes at Bush was the best goodbye kiss ever ... it expresses hatred of all things Bush. It was the least thing for an Iraqi to do to Bush, an unrepentent war criminal who has killed two million people in Iraq and Afghanistan.
I have a feeling Bush has not seen the last of shoe throwing.
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NYT writes of the Shoe-Hurling Hero:
"Calling someone the 'son of a shoe' is one of the worst insults in Iraq. But the lowly shoe and the Iraqi who threw both of his at President Bush, with widely admired aim, were embraced around the Arab world on Monday as symbols of rage at a still unpopular war." The article says he is being hailed as a hero and may receive some kind of Medal of Courage.

Or read The Rude Pundit:
"Someone should be there every day of Bush's life to throw shoes at him. Hell, someone should market a fuckin' game that includes a Bush face mounted with velcro with tiny shoes that'll stick to his puss." He also says he is mailing old shoes to Bush today with a note inside, "this is a farewell kiss from the American people, you dog" ... He visualizes "giant sacks of shoes heading to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, DC, 20500"... just in time for Xmas!


Fran said...

You know DK, I was thinking the same thing-- the whole country should send a shoe to the white house.... flood the damned mailroom with these symbolic shoes.

I really like this idea.

Not just for Christmas, but for the rest of his term.

I'm glad there are thousands of people calling for his release. He captured the sentiment of a huge majority of people- worldwide.

PTCruiser said...

This was awesome.

D.K. Raed said...

I was thinking about mailing a shoe, but now I'm thinking maybe just the tongue of the shoe ... because it'll fit in an envelope ... and because of the added implication about him being a lowdown dirty liar ... lying a country into war is about as dirty as it gets. Shoes on poles around the perimeter of Crawford might be fun too.

Hey there! I gotta get by and see what you're up to!

Border Explorer said...

Nice, nice postings on the shoe-deal, D.K. Loved your angles. Must say that it was cathartic for me to watch that incident. The shoe-throwing journalist spoke for the entire world--everyone, that is, except the oligarchy.

D.K. Raed said...

B. Explorer:
Right on! Hope al-Zairi gets out of jail soon. It took a lot of guts. Perhaps for future public appearances GWB will require the public to check their shoes at the door, but rolled up dirty socks are pretty good alternatives. I don't know WHY I know that!