Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Snow on the Mountains

With temps expected to reach 40 today (wooo-hooo, a day above the 30's), the clouds lifted enough to get a few pics of the view from my backyard. More snow is expected tonight, temps dropping to 25. No sun, the sky is white.

Here is what the little red hills in back of us looked like yesterday. Because of the snow cloud cover, you wouldn't know there was a 10,000-ft tall mountain directly in back of them:

Here's how it looks today (see I told you there was a huge mountain in back of those little red hills). This is Pine Valley Mountain. The highest point is Signal Peak Summit (10,365-ft):

Pine Valley Mountain is a large rock outcrop surrounded by desert. It is part of the Pine Valley Laccolith, one of the largest laccoliths in the United States. Since Pine Valley Mountain is isolated from other mountain ranges, it is an interesting geological anomaly.

Here are some snowy Las Vegas palm trees :

Hey, if this snow keeps up,

maybe we can build a snowcat!

(with catnip whiskers)



Ingrid said...

wow..those are some great pics from your wow wow!! Although I'm not envying you for the temps ha! We've had high 20s low 30s temps and today apparently in the 40s..tomorrow, it should be at least a balmy 60 somethin' if I'm not's nice to get these Central Texas reprieves but on the other hand, it doesn't help you get used to the cold temps when they do hit..


D.K. Raed said...

you caught me trying to online edit & rearrange those pics! It always looks too different from my blog preview. Fortunately, we don't get too many days below 40 here. I'm fine as long as the sun is shining, even if it's bitter cold. Nights can be wicked, though. Bone-chilling. Oh, how I envy you getting 60's in winter!

Fran said...

I have had e mail bounce back 4 x between yesterday & today. I know some are going through, but some bounce. What gives?

BTW pretty pics, freezin' ass cold.

Palins revenge? Storm is from Alaska!

Cart said...

red, you are making me just a touch homesick for BC. I've avoided the web cams... Enjoy

BTW, today I'm off on a river cruise xmas thing. Temps around mid 80s. It's not the same, but will suffice :)

D.K. Raed said...

We are having intermittant internet problems, probably weather related. You know, I just KNEW that we hadn't heard the last of Palin! Now she is sending down all this, this, what, mushy wet freezing white stuff. Maybe a few caribou will follow the snowtrail down & escape her heli-hunting bloodbaths!

80's!?! On days like today, I can hardly remember how that feels! What a perfect xmas you will have! We've gone back to white-out, no mtns visible, not even the little red hills, socked in & snowing. Baaahhhh ....

Fran said...

Here is what I was trying to send you....

sorry to be off topic!

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