Sunday, December 14, 2008

Early Holiday Gift

In some countries, the children leave their shoes outside the front door so Santa can fill them with goodies.

In other countries, the shoes themselves are the holiday gift.

Instead of spending this weekend working on his ideas for an auto industry loan, like he promised would be done this weekend in order to have something concrete to present on Monday, President Bush staged a surprise visit to Iraq.

Surprise, surprise! Santa doesn't like it when promises are broken. He knows when you've been bad or good, and when you've been very bad, beyond lump-of-coal bad, he arranges for one of his elves to throw shoes at you.

"This is a goodbye kiss, you dog!" said the shoe-throwing journalist. The shoe heard 'round the world!

For the background story with short video and slide show, click here (Huffington Post).

For the full C-Span coverage, all 38-minutes, Click here.
FFWD to Minute 17 to watch the shoes fly. C-Span cameras caught a different perspective. You can see blood on the carpet and hear the reporter screaming as he is drug away. I don't know why all the reporters are shhhushing. I couldn't see where Dana Perino was in order to get injured. Keep watching for Bush's press conference afterwards. The reporter's screams can still be heard coming from outside the room. You can skip everything after the presser ends.

ps, nice dodge, mr bush. nimbleness may become an important skill in your future. today it's shoes, tomorrow maybe subpoenas.


Fran said...

This C Span clip shows the WHOLE story.
Mainstream cut out the blood , the muffled yelling of the reporter being hauled off, and the bizarre impish taunting laugh of Bush after the incident.

That freaking Iraqi reporter is probably now a national hero!

Bush kept an asinine grin on his face even when dodging shoes thrown at him.

What an absolute dolt.

Plus Dana Perino got a black eye too! What a day!!!
They said she was popped in the eye by a microphone.

If not for the blood, sheer hatred and angst, this would have almost been a comedic scene.

What I found interesting is Bush said- OK it's a size ten shoe, that's the news.....

When it was time for the interpreter to speak in Arabic, that little sentence went on & on in a lengthy paragraph.

I have to wonder if the interpretation is....OK People we all know BUsh is an idiot and we hate him for his arrogant bullshit, torture, resource wars and lack of any decency whatsoever, but lets just smile & nod & be happy we have a contract to get these stupid Americans out of our country once & for all- OK?

D.K. Raed said...

I wonder if Bush has had more practice at this than we've been shown. He certainly dodged both shoes like an expert. And that horrid winking smirk afterwards! Gaaagggg! He also got pretty testy with the reporter who asked him about it, going on & on about freedom etc. When he paused, there was silence until he pointedly asked the translator if he was gonna translate or what. Yeah, who knows what the translator said, maybe something like, if america = freedom, then freedom = oppression.

Fran said...

Maybe they were discussing-Ok look we will pretend like all the film footage will be confiscated, but I ASSURE you we will make sure this footage goes to the international press. For now act concerned, we will throw this reporter a parade & dance in the streets later. Keep your composure for now.

They made some effort to not let footage out.... or did they, it seemed pretty widespread.

Ooops! Maybe George should have gone with the fake turkey photo op like he did before.
Now we see the REAL turkey.

Decider or oppressor.... looks like they've already decided.

He earned that moment. Thought he'd breeze in there for a photo op.

D.K. Raed said...

LOL, I'd been wracking my brain to come up with a styrofoam turkey connection!

BTW, did you notice how cool Maliki was? He never even moved away from his podium. How'd he know no shoes were coming his way?

The Huffington link keeps updating. The reporter is in custody. By the weird sounds he was making, I think he was gagged as they carted him off.

Cart said...

"That freaking Iraqi reporter is probably now a national hero!" He sue as hell is! I expect he expressed the feelings of many beyond Iraq as well.
It was foolish of Bush to even leave the TX ranch and venture into a wonderfully changed political landscape.

D.K. Raed said...

Bush should NOT have been in Iraq when he promised he would be working on an auto industry loan deal this weekend. period. Hellohhh?!?!? 3-million jobs are on the line & Mr Bush takes off to show off in Iraq, where a pair of size 10s had his name on them.

But I'm kind of glad he did, for the flying shoes provided the perfect statement for the end of the Bush presidency. Almost as good as Nixon with his double fisted peace-signs as he climbed into the plane to depart the WH in resigned disgrace.

Is the reporter a national hero? I don't know. It took a lot of guts to do what he did, knowing he would end up in custody, beaten & who knows what else. We could use some of his spirit here, for sure.

Dada said...

Well, what a huge disappointment this Iraq fiasco has been for Bush. (Notice how so many of his photo ops blow back on him?)

Going to the Mid-East to highlight his presidency's LEGacy, all he got were these lousy size 10 FOOTsies.

But I have to admit, Mrs. Dada and I had our very, very first good words for "Fart Boy" - EVER - we were extremely impressed with his ability to dodge a shoe.

I know, I know, we shouldn't have been surprised with his history of dodging everything from Air Nat Guard duty to responsibility for anything, EVER.

D.K. Raed said...

LOL, legs and feet! EK & I were also amazed at how quick his reflexes were. But then afterwards, when he finished with his lame jokes, as he wound down his pretense at answering press questions, he really ran out of steam. Slurring his words & looking out of it. Delayed reaction? maybe that quick dodge really took a lot out of him.