Monday, December 15, 2008

Snow Wimp

Yes it's true. I am a snow wimp. To me, this looks like a lot of snow! Temps dropped to 22 overnight. The high for today is predicted to be 33. At least the wind has died down. Glad I am not driving anywhere.

Here is the scene from my courtyard (front porch to you easterners). I think snow looks prettiest with red rocks poking up through it:

Palm Trees look out of place when dusted with snow ... like something is wrong with the universe.

This is about as White Christmasy as we will get.

I hope.

Too many years of California sunshine has turned me into a snow wimp.


Clyde is worried about his daily walk. Very worried. There are still many neighborhood inflatable santas and reindeer that need to be peed on. Here he is standing under a protective deck cover considering his dwindling options of where he might pee and not get any of that floating white stuff in his eyes. Maybe if he is very quick about his business, the redhead will let him back into the warm house. She's pretty strict about outdoor bathroom facilities for dogs, although she promised to truss him into his fleece coat for the walk. Clyde is not sure which is worse, snow or wearing that coat, but it is better to stay on her good side because it is freezing ass cold out here!


We just heard Andrea Mitchell telling us that the shoe incident yesterday (see post below) is being celebrated in Iraq today. Citizens are marching through the streets of Baghdad with shoes on poles. I bet they have signs, too, but she declined to show us any photos. She interpreted the shoe incident as Iraq saying to Bush, you are worth less than the dirt beneath our shoes. I just hope Blackwater can keep their guns in their pockets. Does anyone remember how our own revolution started? The shoe heard 'round the world!


Fran said...

We got 4 inches. It stayed in the 20's all day. Supposed to drop down to the teens tonight.
It's going to be a skating rink in the morning. But I don't have to go anywhere, so I am just enjoying the rare treat. To shift to the layoff attitude adjustment, we went to the park pool, hot tub & sauna. Ahhhhh.

For now , I am enjoying it because I don't have to go anywhere.... it will be another story later in the week.

We are supposed to stay frozen & get more snow Weds-Thurs.... when my son is flying back from Ohio.

We shall see. Tonight is deep freeze.

D.K. Raed said...

You sure know how to enjoy a snow day! Hot tub and sauna!

I just took Clyde out for last call & it didn't feel any colder now than it has all day. Weird. Steady snow all day, a very wet snow, almost rain. I bet it turns to ice in the wee hours. I've never seen it keep snowing all day/night long here. As soon as the sky clears up, I bet I'll see the mountains all around us are covered in white.

Dada said...

OMG, That Clyde's a sweety lookin'boy. Enjoyed the snow pics but that Clyde stole the show!

D.K. Raed said...

you should see Clyde now. he's pretty pitiful after spending today at the vet, getting his teeth cleaned, gum infection pocket treatment, ear wax plug removal, and 2 little tumors lasered & sent off to be biopsied. the after-effects of the anesthetic, combined with his deafness, has made him weird. hope he feels better tomorrow.

I liked how leery he was of the snow in that pic! He doesn't trust it one bit! A lot of it is melted today, but not all. Not that Clyde would notice, him being completely out of it right now.

Dada said...

Aw, such a dear guy. Hope everything turns out ok for him. God, Mrs. Dada and I were so taken with this pic of him.

Hafta tell ya...after we lost Po' our last greyhound, we were ready to quit. Figured we'd had our run of luck with good dogs. Six mos. later came Sam and every day we sit in total awe of him. He is like the compilation of all who preceded him. We've truly NEVER had a bad dog, which leaves us thinking we need to reappraise the odds of ever getting one!

And then I think of Juna and Clyde. And I suspect you probably would agree.

D.K. Raed said...

I'm glad the pic showed Clyde for the sweetheart he is. He may not be the brightest bulb, but he has a good heart. Not an evil thought in his head. I'm sure the biopsies will be clear, but even if they're not, the little tumors were very confined, right on the skin surface, so we think they can be dealt with.

Sam is an amazing guy. But then, he has pretty amazing "parents", as well as an incredible legacy to live up to. He has to carry on the magnificent greyhound tradition and prior dalmation tradition and add to that his own "Sammy-ness"! Somehow each dog manages to do all that and more!

When Juna first arrived, we used to tell her she may be twice the size of our previous dog (a kind of whippet/fox terrier mix), but even if she was only half as good, she would still be a superior dog. She must've taken that as a challenge, becoming BY FAR the best dog we'd ever had the pleasure of sharing our lives with. So many little things bring her instantly to mind. Like how much she hated my cleaning her ears, but would allow it because I told her she had to (and because she loved to please us). Not so with Clyde (hence the vet dealing with his ear wax build-up).

Ingrid said...

THAT is funny! Go Clyde Go! You can do it!!
on another husband would be jealous seeing your courtyard (he grew up in AZ and I've lived there a few years as well)..I like the material ...wished we could have something like that around our house but alas, we have ugly cedar fences..yugh..


D.K. Raed said...

I've GOT to post a pic of Clyde in his red fleece coat! He looks quite stylish. I'll have to remember the camera on tomorrow's walk. Re: our courtyard ... around here it's called Scottsdale style, so I guess we emulate AZ in that regard. We had cedar fencing when we lived near the coast in San Diego. I liked the way it aged & unlike block walls, we never had to worry about it cracking due to earthquakes.

enigma4ever said...

I love that he pees on the inflatables...too funny...

poor thing he looks a bit confused poor fella..

D.K. Raed said...

Clyde is such a character. He did not know what to make of all those floating puffy snowflakes.