Friday, August 8, 2008

Need some inspiration?

Behold, the universe!

Vangelis: "The Conquest of Paradise"
Apprx 5-minutes ...

Or, you could watch NBC tonight for Olympic Opening Ceremony Coverage. Why do I expect online coverage to be down, so we will only get the state-sponsored coverage?


Ingrid said...

Ever since having moved to the US I do not bother to watch the Olympics..the coverage is so slanted towards anything/one totally misses the spirit of the Olympics..
Vangelis..ooh..that's dating you AND me ...[s]


an average patriot said...

That video is phenomenal and extremely well choreographed.
Love it thank you!

two crows said...

I wanted to comment but can think of nothing to say that could do it justice.

thank you for this.

D.K. Raed said...

hey at least I didn't use Vangelis' "Chariots of Fire" which was which Olympics -- the 1920's?

Avg Patriot:
glad you liked it -- most of it was Hubble images -- made me realize how small I am, yet how appreciative of the beauty.

Two Crows:
I always liked this music, but didn't really care for the movie it was used on a soundtrack for "1492" -- so I was glad to find it set to these Hubble images. Anyway, welcome, stop by any time!

two crows said...

oh, I'm SO glad you found that music set
to something other than 1492! [I hadn't realized it was from that (what?? movie?)]

I avoid anything to do with Columbus, too.
the music is beautiful and deserves something grand to be paired with -- not a
kick-off for the first genocide this country indulged in.

[ok, I'll put my soap-box away now.] :)

D.K. Raed said...

Two Crows: yes "1492" was a movie, nicely filmed, but I cannot condone the underlying message, which seemed to be that there was some religious mandate to wreak genocidal havoc in the "new world". Now surely that is worthy of soap-boxing about. However, I doubt Vangelis composed the music with any of that in mind. At least I hope not! To me, it was a bit of cosmological inspiration just when I needed it.

Ingrid said...

DK..and speaking of cosmological..thx again for your links and info..I love learning 'new' things and knowing some people that are much smarter than I, it's always good to have some tidbit of knowledge..I don't feel the need to be an time for that! [s]..


Dave Dubya said...


Thanks for the tour of the neighborhood.

susan said...

I read somewhere that the more we are able to see of the universe the more complex it becomes. It's true of the planet we share as well but the vision must be nurtured.

Nice images and music.

D.K. Raed said...

maybe all those little tidbits eventually add up to expertise? I'm no expert, but I do think the pursuit of knowledge is the work of a lifetime.

Dave Dubya:
neighborhood tour brought to you by Hubbell, where every piece of real estate is out of this world, on view lots, without nosy neighbors or foreclosures, just hang on tight when the occasional black hole swings by.

that is true of the universe, our planet, and even ourselves, don't you think? I have seen you somewhere, but can't recall ... I'll have to check out your blog & see if it rings a bell.

susan said...

Ourselves most of all. I've been meditating and studying Sufism, Advaita, Gnosticism, Shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism long enough to know there's not even enough me to know anything. Yet still I cling.

Best wishes.

Border Explorer said...

Awesome--in the original sense of the word. Thanks!

D.K. Raed said...

that's a lot of meditating! I am reminded of the T.S. Eliot quote, "At the end of all our journeying, we will return to the place of departure and know it for the first time". I think he was referring to a metaphysical journey of self-awareness or self-discovery.

hey, are you back from your trip, or should I say, journey?