Friday, August 29, 2008

Did you feel it? I think the universe just smiled.

Until tonight, this was the last best live moment I had seen on TV:

George Harrison and Paul Simon singing "Here Comes the Sun" on SNL 1976 (less than 4 minutes).

Now, 32-years later, this ....

Barack Obama, 42-minutes at the DNC 8.28.08
We own this moment! Tonight, we told the repugs to go fuck themselves. Just how long did they think we were gonna lie back and let Bush call us traitors & McCain call us celebrity-worshippers & Cheney keep rewarding all his oil buddies while destroying the fabric of America? Eight years is MORE than enough of that bullshit!

Update: read the Rude Pundit who says it better than I ever could.


an average patriot said...

That was a great performance wasn't it? Both of them! Love that song! Obama war great and I thought every speaker was. Kucinich really had me going.
After all the crap Obama got from mcCain about not being ready he picks Palin and Obama is now on the back burner!
Huge mistake for them! Great for us! The more I read about her the more this blows me away! Is he sabotaging himself? Throwing Obama to the dogs? Am I missing something here?
I do think this is going to backfire on McCain! I am sure there is more than just the Commissioner issue!
I hope Palin being so young and inexperienced next to a guy likely to keel any minute would turn off more voters than those gained because she is a woman! She does not have what it takes to be President no way!
I think she is ripe for the picking and even if it is only one debate Biden will eat her up. Bring on the debates!

D.K. Raed said...

Avg Pat:
Kucinich was amazing. I'm still savoring the moment. Kinda shocking today to see Palin getting the repub veep nod. She takes the wind out of McC's argument about experience. *poof* the sails are flat now! Aaah, but then, it seems he was only looking for a vagina to reel in some non-thinking women & apparently Kay Baily Snatchinson & Liddy Dolt told him to piss off. Either that or Rove thought the repubs needed some bible-luvin creationist eye candy to offset the hideousness of McSenile. Whatever the reason, this is a gift!

*****I just added a link to today's Rude Pundit summary of Obama's speech.

an average patriot said...

I just heard there were 38 million viewers for Obama's speech. More than the Olympics and a record for Politics. That should speak for itself!
I have been hearing a lot of crap about McCain's veep and when Hillary's supporters find out that like McCain she wants Roe V Wade repealed they'll vote for Obama

D.K. Raed said...

Avg Pat:
Let's hope so. They're not stupid. Palin does not believe in abortion under ANY circumstances -- not even in cases of rape, incest, health of mother, you name it. If a Prez McC has to take some sick time off & she is acting prez when a supreme needs nominating, it's back to the dark age back alleys for women. Pat Buchanan just called her a "feminist". Holy hell. I guess that means only a woman can defile female equality and have it not seem chauvinistic.

an average patriot said...

A feminist what the hell? She is a hunter and helped in her Husbands fishing business. Hell she is more of a man than most men!

Mariamariacuchita said...

Paul Simon is great and George, what can I say?? I miss Simon and Garfunkel.

The world brings both big and insignificant changes each day...

abi said...

Good to hear that great old song. Let's hope it has new meaning in November, 2008.

Fran said...

I think ol' Johnny decided he wants out. He gave us a big time loser choice. I noticed when he intorduced her today, he went into a slow motion kind of thing, then blinked his eyes about 15 times.... like his brain was saying I can't believe I'm doing this.

Months ago, he said he knew how critically important it was to choose his VP carefully, considering his age. He wants out.

When the rest of the crowd behind him were standing for the exciting moment, Cindy Lou sat down. She had this "we're done" feelng about her.

They are winding this down.
I observe you don't see infants in the executive branch offices of the officers because it is a demanding job. She is the mother of 5 kids & a 4 month old special needs infant. I'm not just saying this because she is the Mom, but both parents, by choosing to have kids, need to make their committment stick through the highly demanding period
of raising an infant.

I raised 2 healthy kids & that infancy time was totally demanding. Sleepless nights, cutting teeth, diapers, ear infections, colic.... you name it. A special needs baby needs even more close help because of developmental issues.

So as a Mom, I'm gonna say I think is is a neglectful & irrresponsible choice.
Can this lady be Vice President & potentially President?

No fricking way.

Especially for the months of hammering on the *inexperience* of Obama.

I guess we all owe a gratitude to McCain for handing Obama & Biden the election.

Ingrid said...

it was classy classy classy. I did not agree with him on everything but then, I'm an Independent as I think the far left should be as well since the democratic party is not for real progressives. Still, for now it's all we have. Not only did we 'own' this moment, Obama owned it big time. The ease, the statemanship, the confidence, the poise, the intelligence oh lordy lord..the intelligence. perhaps after 8 loong years of anti-intellectualism, we can finally put those neanderthals and their wifey procreators back under that rock and give'm a spray when they try to crawl back out.. they've shown the worst of human nature, all the while touting the love of God and country..tsa!


Dave Dubya said...

Lotta great lines in barack's speech.

"Enough is enough", and "I welcome that debate", are two of my favorites.

Just wait until Biden mops the floor with Church Lady. I hope they bring up creationism in schools.

D.K. Raed said...

Avg Pat:
It's crazy. She's a feminist like Rush Limbaugh is a secret liberal.

I remember watching that particular SNL & thinking what a great moment it was. Maybe I was secretly hoping we'd get more Simon & Harrison.

I hope so, too! The 8-yr "long cold lonely winter" might finally be coming to an end. (ps, nice to see you)

D.K. Raed said...

She is so inexperienced that when McC introduced her & stood there with his outstretched arms, Palin turned her back on him, standing on the sidelines until she finally realized this was the moment for her to speak. Their awkward embrace told me they have never spent any time together.

While she was speaking with McC hovering by her shoulder, every so often, he would mumble something & smile inappropriately (like when she mentioned his POW time, he stood there grinning like an idiot, like he missed the good old days) ... other times he alternated between pulling his knuckles (guess they needed a good crack) and clapping after it penetrated his brain that the audience was clapping. He seemed out of it ... and they have no chemistry at all.

Honestly? I think McC brought all the "contenders" to Dayton so they could watch the Obama acceptance speech together. Then they all looked at each other & ran for the door. Being in high heels, Palin was the last "man" out, thus she was stuck with the VP "tag".

D.K. Raed said...

That is a good way to look at it -- that while the democrats may not be real progressives, we can work with an Obama administration & at least have some HOPE of progressive principles being implemented in enough areas to make a difference. With McCain, we'd be truly screwed, not only for his 4 or 8-yrs, but for at least a generation after he stacks the Supreme Court. I can't believe I'm saying this, but he has the potential to be worse than Bush. However, I must make a teensy correction to your use of "neanderthal". We have no proof that neanderthals were anti-intellectual. Since their brains were larger than ours, we really must assume that they had highly evolved and complex thoughts. The fact they WE became the dominant, and eventually only, human on the planet may be due more to our lack of inhibition in the use of violence than our superior brains. It's OK, I know you were just using the term as it is currently popular. I'm not sure why, but I always feel it's my responsibility to stick up for neanderthals. I know, let's call the anti-intellectuals "troglodytes"!

Dave Dubya:
Oh I hope, I hope, I hope that Palin resorts to God & Guns as often as possible. Sure, it'll play well w/the Evangies, but they were always gonna vote repub anyway. Thinking people will have to get a little nervous when Palin starts babbling her creationist crap about a 6,000-yr old earth & postulating that Raquel Welch really DID ride a dinosaur. And she's a big advocate of home schooling, hoping for another generation of non-critically thinking non-scientists. My biggest concern in that debate is Biden coming off looking like a smarmy know-it-all.

enigma4ever said...

wonderful music...lovely...I too miss simon and garfunkel...they last did central park and I rocked 6-6 on my shoulder watching...that seems so long ago eternity...

this was the best speech I have ever seen...

D.K. Raed said...

that really WAS a long time ago if 6-6 fit on your shoulder!