Sunday, January 18, 2009

Countdown: Two Days until Inauguration

DEKE BLINKS! Why? Because she just had an outrageous thought, the same one that is probably keeping many republicans awake at night ... what if Obama kept that whole Unitary Executive idea alive for just a little while longer? Just long enough to use the provision Dub set up that allows the president to detain, arrest, imprison & seize assets of anybody he wants, on his say-so, if he and he alone deems them to be a national security problem or other risk, during wartime. Obama could then use this Unitary Exec Power to send Dub, Dick and their whole cabal off to limboland. Deke does not recall and is too lazy to research which signing statement expanded the presidency into a dictatorship, but that's not surprising considering virtually every piece of legislation Dub signed carried a caveat about not being construed as impinging on the Unitary Executive. Obama's team has signaled they want to renounce signing statements. It sure must be tempting to keep this particular one around ... just for this one purpose!

But to continue with her list, since we are now 2 days away from inauguration, here are 2 things Deke is pretty sure she won't have to endure in an Obama administration:

1. Clear Skies, Healthy Forests, Wilderness Protection. Dub's definition of these nice sounding environmental protections are the exact opposite. Deke thinks he actually thought the american public was so dumb, we would just nod our heads like good little citizens over such blatent attempts to turn the environmental clock back to the good old days of unregulated auto & industry emissions, clear cut logging replanted with trash pine, and unlimited resource drilling in or near our national parks (where we can no longer escape the loud roar of off-road vehicles ripping up pristine wilderness & destroying wildlife havens). Such a pattern of thought-control would probably send Orwell screaming back to The Animal Farm. Two of many more examples: No Child Left Behind and Free-Speech Zones. Obama should drop this Dub habit and adopt non-misleading names.

2. Thinking our president wakes up every morning with one goal, "How to fuck up the world today" .... whether Dub actually had that daily thought, or through worldclass incompetence just managed to conduct his presidency as if that thought were always uppermost in his mind, Deke does not know. However, rather than Deke listing Dub's bugfuckery, here is Keith Olbermann's excellent summary of the batshit insanity of the last "8-Years in 8-Minutes":

After 8-yrs of Dub, the mere thought of a president who actually cares about the world is enough to make Deke get all misty-eyed. Throw in some economic recovery, industry regulation, fair trade, and national health care, and she is apt to break down completely.

That wraps up Two Days until Inauguration. Scroll down or click links to read Deke's Countdown:Five Days, Countdown:Four Days, and Countdown:Three Days.

Deke's little series has about run its course. Boohoo. Any guesses as to who or what will be Deke's Last Thing she is pretty sure she won't have to endure in an Obama Administration?


Annette said...

Another great job DK... I have enjoyed your countdown very much.

HelenWheels said...

what a great thought, that the shrub's signing statement, making him dictator, would be used against him.

D.K. Raed said...

Hey, I know I owe you guys a blog visit ... soon, soon ... just let me lock down & fumigate the tax dungeon ...

Deke has enjoyed the countdown to the extent her scatterbrain can form a coherent thought. DK should be back around soon demanding some form and substance.

Wouldn't that be something? Just a one-time use, please oh pleeeeease, Prez O! Deke was so proud of herself for imagining it! (that sentence is not as nutty as it sounds ... you might have missed that DK is consumed during tax season, so is letting Deke blog whatever miscellaneous thoughts fly out of her peabrain).

Ingrid said...

DK, I'm too busy to catch up so I just wanted to forward you this link for a widget on the death toll in Gaza;

be back later!

enigma4ever said...

great countdown there...yeah....I love the idea of Signing statements being used against BUSH..yeah..that would rock...hmmm, the LAST thing you wont miss ???

I don't know - it is still is a lengthy list....but anything you pick is fine with me...

Mauigirl said...

Great series of "Deke" posts, DK. Thanks for reminding us of all the reasons we'll be glad to be rid of W.

I would love it if they used that unitary executive thing against W and his henchmen!

D.K. Raed said...

Thanks (I think!)

I am working on the "last thing" now. So much to choose from. But you know Deke only goes for the obvious.

It's like cleansing the palate before you are served ambrosia -- gotta get rid of the taste of that moldering rotten hunk of leftover elephant dung first.

Phloyd said...

I'd use Unitary Exec powers to bring in Rush, Billo, and other other propagandists. I'd seize Billo's loofa, and Rush's roids.

Are you from St. George? I stopped there once very late. The only lights on came from the Wendy's. I needed coffee.

D.K. Raed said...

That is a unitarily good idea! And yup, St George is pretty much narcoleptic after 10 PM. Hope you got your coffee & weren't looking for something stronger.