Saturday, January 17, 2009

Countdown: Three Days until Inauguration

DEKE SPEAKS thrice! Yup, still talkin' trash 'bout Dub. And why not? If Deke was any good at math, she might be able to apply Euclidian principles to her Bush Time Dilation Theory. Alas, Deke's mouth often gives voice to theories she has no formal knowledge of. All she knows is the last 8-yrs have been the slowest she's ever experienced. Perhaps our whole planet was trapped in an Einstein Relativity experiment?

Since we are now 3 days away from inauguration, Deke is continuing her countdown list with 3 more things she is pretty sure she won't have to endure in an Obama administration:

1. Secret meetings and lost emails. A hallmark of Dub's administration was secrecy. From Cheney's secret energy meetings, to the Dub-Cheney secret 911 Commission testimony, right up to the current secret disbursal and undisclosed use of TARP money, and everything in between, the american people have been excluded from Dub's considerations. We were only good for funding his empirical neocon wetdreams, it seems. Does anyone doubt the disappeared emails, when and if they are ever produced, will have been carefully scrubbed to reinforce whatever BS has been done in our names over the last 8-yrs? It is with great relief that Deke notes Obama's often stated obligation to include we-the-people, to make information available to us, to make transparency and accountability into business-as-usual, not some aberration in government. That is something we never heard from Dub, ever.

2. Katrina excuses. There is NO EXCUSE for what happened in New Orleans. NONE! Only Dub apologists trying to write legacy history attempt the twisted mental path that requires suspension of everything you saw with your own eyes and heard with your own ears. But that's Dub & his incoherent weevil-eaten brain for you. Deke has never even heard him apologize. The most he will say is there were disappointments. So, one colossally incompetent man's disappointment results in another few thousand lives lost. Not to mention a lost city. Not to mention neighboring countries who were so aghast that the U.S. couldn't even bring water or food or medicine to the trapped NOLA citizens that they offered to bring in supplies by boat and air across the Gulf of Mexico but were refused, because to accept foreign aid would mean we were no longer the superest of superpowers (if we ever were). Deke is pretty sure an Obama administration would move heaven and earth to immediately mitigate such a disaster should one occur on its watch, or better yet, anticipate and prepare. It would not be an afterthought to playing air-guitar & sharing birthday cake with McCain. Obama's Secretary of State will not be penciling in viewing hurricane damage while purchasing some kinky prada heels. And Biden will not be greeted with "Why don't you go fuck yourself, Mr. Vice-President", unless it takes him a week to emerge from an undisclosed location.

3. Media confrontation. The occasional Dub media contacts were always a study in pathological psycho behavior. Chin jutting, smirky smirk, winky wink, driving the podium, manfully flipping each page of his prepared remarks as if to finish a page was a huge accomplishment, challenging or purposefully misunderstanding of legitimate questions, castigating the questioner, the constant implication that god was at the podium with Dub, that screwed up painfully pinched look Dub displayed when it hurt his head to think ... say goodbye to all that! Obama loves to think .... and you could hardly find two more dissimilar speaking styles. Say hello to reasoned thoughtful answers to press questions. Say hello to appreciating the mission of the fourth estate. No more speaking-from-the-gut-bypassing-the-brain ... except from FOX newswhores, of course.

That's it for today, Three Days until Inauguration! Scroll down or click links to read Deke's Countdown:Five Days and Countdown:Four Days.

Deke is also happy to share the news that even here in Bush-lover-land (Utah), Bush's approval rating has sunk, and in a place full of W'04 pick-up trucks, that is really saying something! We'll even be having some local inaugural events, incl toss-a-shoe-at-bush.

Could Deke be any shallower? Tune in tomorrow. But don't be expecting anything earthshaking like world peace or prosperity. Deke leaves those deep subjects to the Beauty Queens. Until then, remember you can Obamiconize yourself at pastemagazine


Annette said...

I love it... you described him so perfectly chin jutting, riding the podium. And I have always said he wears a smirk...ALWAYS.

Nail meet

D.K. Raed said...

Hi, Annette! yeah heavy meds, alcohol, even shock aversion therapy cannot completely wipe that smirk off his face. It's his inner frat boy, the kid inside his head who's never far away ... even during the most serious moments, you can just tell he's thinking of the next juvenile joke to pull on the american public. Deke thinks Dub's whole presidency is the ultimate realization of that crazy frat boy's jokes, but of course since Dub is so incompetent & since he has been aided & abetted by some masterfully evil criminal minds, his jokes immediately turned deadly. Thanks for stopping by!

Fran said...

DEKE~ Answer me this:

How will we KNOW if Cheney actually leaves office, since he hides in an undisclosed location, like a snake.

Hell, he could just stay there working his dirty business, and who the hell would ever know?

Is it time for Dick to disclose his location?

I bet them thar lost e mails have some juicy info in them or they would not have worked so hard to keep them lost for so long. Although there is a court order for them to cough them up.... it probably just has records of illegal dealings that would be damning evidence in a court of law.

Hell when did that ever matter to those bastards???
They are above, outside, beyond the law right??

That and Bush told us fairy tales in his farewell speech.

I'd a liked to call it the get the hell out already speech.

I was having fond memories of the Bush 2000 inauguration fiasco. People throwing eggs, holding signs saying Hail to the Thief. They had to high tail it out of zones they normally would have walked, but the crowd was a bit feisty & pissed off, so George & the Mrs stayed in the armored bullet proof car for longer than any other pers, cause they were not gettin that warm sunny liberators welcome they were hopin fer.

enigma4ever said...

soooo the Countdown continues here too..LOL...poor awol- you have nailed him...fucking little shit- I will be sooooo glad when he is OUT of the can not happen soon enough....

D.K. Raed said...

we will know Cheney has left public office because the foul air he exhales will go with him. also quail will once again be seen around the capitol.

Deke predicts those emails will never see the light of day. at least not unscrubbed. not just because of illegal discussions, either. Jeff Gannon is in those emails & he is not talking about the daily presser. or maybe Deke just has a suspicious mind.

D.K. Raed said...

oops, I got so worked up over Jeff Gannon, I forgot ...

This inauguration really is a two-fer. An equal celebration of getting rid of THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER, a man who never gave a flying crap for the american public ... and welcoming someone who has potential to be one of our best presidents, who actually cares what happens!!!

The countdown continues.