Saturday, September 20, 2008

Diamonds and Dogs

After watching "Split: A Divided America" on IFC today, I guess I'm just in this kind of mood.

Conservative Christian Right Wing Republican Straight White American Male (animated, about 3-minutes):

While I love the animated version, a purist who might more enjoy Todd Snider talking & performing this song live can click here. This version is about 5-minutes cuz of all that trash talk about Garth Brooks. The song was included in Todd's "East Nashville Skyline" album. Note to self: add this to the musical meme I'm working on for Diva and Utah Savage.


an average patriot said...

That was really good. Man all I can say is we are in trouble and I'll shut up!

D.K. Raed said...

Avt Patriot:
Did you notice the hippie side was all blue sky, green tree & butterfly -- the other side was a dead environment with a US Flag stuck on top.

Dave Dubya said...

Thanks. I always love a good freedom song.

One thing for certain, our side will always have the best music.

I suggest you check out the 2 Billy Bragg & Wilco Mermaid Ave. CD's. They feature old lyrics of Woody Guthrie put to new music.

Utah Savage said...

I served Woody Guthrie spaghetti when I was seventeen.

So what devilish meme thing are you cooking up for the Diva and me?

enigma4ever said...

I am just not even in the mood for music....or southern anything...or garth...or anything...

Hang in there..hope all is well...

DivaJood said...

It has a good beat and you can dance to it. I give it a...

Wait. That's hilarious, I love this song.

Fran said...

Most entertaining, in a sarcastic snarky way-- hey! if we don't find laughs along the way we'll lose it.

D.K. Raed said...

sorry I am M.I.A. dealing with a small health issue & stressed over the bailout bullshit; hope to be back to blogs soon **********

Dave Dub:
sounds fascinating. Woody Guthrie depression era lyrics are especially timely now.

UT Savage:
I don't cook up memes, no need to invite satan to the BBQ.

Todd is more slacker than southern fried, kind of a Seattle-Portland-Houston asskicker. I liked the way he made fun of Garth's alter ego, Chris Gaines.

And it goes perfectly with a love-beaded cowboy hat.

I know; I'm trying not to lose it!

Utah Savage said...

Sorry honey for the health issues. I know how crappy that is, and add to it the bailout bullshit and you really feel bad.