Monday, July 6, 2009

Singing Dolphin Dreams

George Clooney sang to me last night. His voice was not pleasant. In fact, it was so high-pitched, it hurt my ears, like dolphin chatter. Maybe that's why I couldn't get the song he sang out of my mind all day today.

Of course, I am speaking of a dream I had in which George Clooney appeared ... not in the way that a woman might wish him to appear in her dreams, but as a singer ... a very pushy singer who made sure his song sung in a dolphin-voice would not be forgotten.

Since I can't get the words of the song out of my head, I will post it. I think that's what Dolphin-Clooney was trying to tell me to do by singing it so obnoxiously. Hey, who am I to argue with either Dolphin-Clooney or my unconscious mind?

Here are the words, straight from my George Clooney dream to your eyes (blogger not responsible for bad prose imparted in dreams):

"Quiet as a blinking eyelash
Watching waiting for our time
Thirty years is now completed
Time for roaring like a lion.

"Rising like a Grand Tsunami
Riding on a Sea of Green
Thirsty for a taste of freedom
Trust us after thirty years.

"People soft and people harder
Call to heaven, hear their plea:
Cast the tyrants out of power
Trust us after thirty years."

Now, I don't often bother to analyze my dreams, but this one is obviously about Iran. Thirty years refers back to the original Islamic Revolution in 1979. The rest is easy to figure out.

There was one very odd occurance that happened yesterday evening that might have prodded my subconscious brain in this dream's direction. It happened when the D.K. family took our dog for his evening walk. Even though we waited until 9 PM, temps were still in the 90's. In one direction we could see and hear a big fireworks display. Lots of red, white and blue bombs bursting in air! In the other direction there was not much visible in the dark except for the vague outline of a 10,000-ft tall mountain about 20-miles away.

As we were walking toward the mountain, a green light appeared, floating above the barely visible mountain profile. I've never seen anything like it. It reminded me of an occulting green lighthouse light, except the ocean is about 1,000-miles away. It stayed lit, a pure green pulsating light, for about half an hour, then it disappeared.

And the whole time we were walking towards the green light, all I could think of was the Sea of Green that has become the symbol of the Iranian Protests.

The dolphin singing voice remains unexplained as does George Clooney himself (I have NEVER dreamed of him before)!

ps, the light was not borealis like this photo, but it was this color of bright green against a dark sky, which created a similar eerie effect. My mountain light was more pinpointed, more like a lighthouse light. It was not an antennae tower, which in any case, flash RED lights, not green...very odd.


enigma4ever said...

first off...
your blog looks amazing...
I am sorry I have not been visiting as much...
and wowo the photos...stunning...and I love the puffin phase....too funny.. about the poem..the amazing....and very beautiful....and the idea of George singing..well that is too funny...

but I have faith in your dreams..always have...

I think the Sea of Green is not going away....

D.K. Raed said...

no worries, you've been very busy keeping up with everything going on in Iran.

It was definitely one of my odder dreams, especially happening the same night as the weird green light appeared. (too bad, no little green men to go with it)

I feel you're right about the Sea of Green. It is how freedom happens. It comes from within, from the people, it cannot be handed to them, they will earn it and we will welcome them to a brighter future. I hope!

ps, that puffin humor widget is random. it changes every few minutes so I don't know which little joke you saw. some of them are only so-so but I especially like the Steven Wright quotes.

Annette said...

Spooky...I have never tried to understand dreams. Mostly because I don't really dream..or remember that many of It is weird to say the least.

D.K. Raed said...

of course you dream, you are a mammal, aren't you? LOL! the brain never sleeps. it is busy all night trying to make sense of things. we all dream but it's the dreams just before waking that are most remembered. that must've been the time period when geo clooney sang in a dolphin voice to me. what was odd was that I couldn't get the verses he sang out of my head. usually I dream whole novelas, complete with plot twists and turns, but this one was just dolphin-clooney squeaking his lil ole heart out. his voice really irritated my brain. sigh...