Friday, October 17, 2008

WOW, is there ANYTHING this guy CAN'T do?

Ask any comedian, comedy is hard work. You need good material delivered with a deft touch and natural timing. Roasting is the hardest comedy of all. Great care is necessary to assure that you don't go into unfunny mean territory. Here is Obama doing an impressively funny roast speech tonight at the Alfred E. Smith Memorial Foundation Dinner (10.5 minutes):

Now here is McCain speaking at the same dinner (you know it won't be pretty ... in fact, it is practically a concession speech):


Ingrid said...

I just saw both on Kel's The Osterly Times and I have to say, McCain's is funny though. I think if he'd run his candicacy with some humour and grace..(and a whole other VP), he would've been a whole lot better off. This is more politics Europe style. Humour and a bit more class because if you resort to negative mudslinging type ads, it show you do not, NOT have the kind of class people expect from a politician.
It was nice to see Hillary laugh so genuinely and at the bill jokes as looked like this is what they'd all be like behind the scenes..if only it could've been carried like that throughout the whole presidential campaign..politicians would've looked more dignified and the plebs who get so easily riled up would've had to resort to using their noggin' and think instead of react..what a concept..

enigma4ever said...

thanks for posting both....I just don't even feel like posting McCain at this point...I am sick of his antics...but Obama was so amazing...brilliant...

Anonymous said...

I swear McCain's jowls are getting bigger. Maybe he's doing a Brando? A Nixon? EEEWWWWWW!

D.K. Raed said...

There was a time, before the Gringrich Revolution introduced hardball partisan politics, a concept Rove brought to fruition under W, when our two parties DID manage to work together once in awhile. Sure, they disagreed & worked vigorously to persuade others to their P.O.V., but after hours, they did manage to be civil to & even respect & like members of the opposition. No more, un-uh ... another Bush legacy.

It was kind of nice to see Hillary crack up, wasn't it? Too bad it was over McCain's joke about her being his biggest supporter in the room -- a concept I find creepy, not funny. Still, I like your comparison to Euro-style politics, which sound a whole lot more progressive and workable!

Oh there was really not much point to including McCain, except that towards the end, he did seem to be giving a concession speech (at least to my ears). I was very impressed with Obama! With all he's got going on, he could still deliver a great roast & look like he was having fun doing it.

now now, perhaps he is merely trying to master the zen art of immitating a bullfrog ... or maybe a puffer fish, inflating his jowls in order to look fierce. But now that you mention it, McCain IS exhibiting some of Brando's Colonel Kurtz! auuggghhh ...

Fran said...

This was the first time I heard McCoots speech. That remark @ 8:51 "the mere invitation of an african american citizen to a Washington dinner was an outrage and an insult in many quarters, the end of cruel & prideful could see Obama bristle. The expression on the guy's face behind him... looking mortified kind of mirrors my impression.

I cringed at the truthfullness of McCain's remark about Mickey Mouse registering to vote....
that he's pretty sure "The big rat's a republican"

Ohhhhh Johnny truer words were never spoken!

Especially knowing how his campaign has gone all race card, anti american, terrorist...... it was interesting to watch him ***choke*** on the word bigotry, cause from where I'm sitting, McCain seems to be packing around a heavy load of it.

On the flip side Obama rocked the house. He even cracked himself up a few times & it was great to hear him laugh.
I loved the build up to the low life punks in the US Senate-- LOL!!!!

D.K. Raed said...

"The big rat's a republican" ... OMG, you are right! It's like he's making a plea for help, like a criminal saying, stop me, please.

I liked that Obama seemed to be enjoying himself & laughing genuinely at most of John's stuff. John's "that one" bit seemed to really tickle him. It's a good sign when someone can see humor even in a cutting remark about themselves. A very good sign.

DivaJood said...

DK, thanks for posting both. They were both funny, and it's true, that 2 weeks before the election, it says a lot that they can sit at the same dinner table without pre-conditions.

D.K. Raed said...

Diva, I did notice that "his eminence" (whoever that was) visibly stiffened over Obama's line about being born in a manger. Pre-conditions probably involved not trashing his eminence's eminence. Oh, and no swearing or bodily function jokes. Friar's Club, this wasn't.

Anon-Paranoid said...

Powell endorses and will vote for Senator Obama.


God Bless.