Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sarah is a Secret Democrat!

Where can I buy one of these big red white & blue non-elephantine repuglican "FASHION NOES"! I lifted the following directly from Jason Linkins in Huffington Post today:

"OH NOES! Why on earth is Sarah Palin wearing a Democratic Party keffiyeh, festooned with donkeys and the word "Vote?" Why won't McCain question her on her ties to radical leftist accessories?
So, yeah. I'd say that this is money well spent by the RNC! In my imaginings, this scarf cost Palin $15,000, and all proceeds went directly to ACORN."
DK says: and what's up with those earrings? Are they miniature versions of her trademark glasses? Some kind of special FastGasPass for filling up Todd's snowmachine at ExxonMobil Gas Stations? What?

Palin's personal shopping expenses, RNC list to date:
* Saks Fifth Avenue: $49,425.74
* Neiman Marcus: $75,062.63
* Macy's: $9,447.71
* Barneys New York: $789.72
* Bloomingdales: $5,102.71
* Hair and make-up products: $14,716.49

Sarah has spent more on 2-months worth of clothes & cosmetics than the assessed value of Joe the Phony Plumber's house ... more than the Avg Joe & his hard-working spouse TOGETHER earn in 2 YEARS (per their joint tax return) ... more than the price of FOUR brand-new PRIUS's ... more than the amount of federal income tax paid by GM, Ford, Chrysler combined (ok that last item was a cheapshot since most large U.S. corps pay little or NO fed income taxes)....

Oh, and she's gonna give the clothes to charity after the campaign? That's really rich. How many Size 3 homeless women have you seen?

Here is Jon Stewart's take on the Palin family of grifters:


HelenWheels said...

Ha ha!! We can throw this back in the wingnuts' faces next time they whinge about Obama not wearing flag lapel.


D.K. Raed said...

Yeah, Helen, to the avg repug, being a secret democrat must be far worse than being a secret terrorist. maybe now they can stop their palin-lust.

enigma4ever said...

scarf is a to price it..I think we need it...

D.K. Raed said...

Let me know if you find where we can buy one of those scarves. In the meantime, I just added Jon Stewart from last night talking about the Palin family of grifters.

Border Explorer said...

Don't get me started on the fancy/useless crap people donate to the homeless. Antique end tables, a gold clutch purse, an ab exerciser, a microphone, "dry clean only" clothing, assorted silk ties...I swear to you I sorted through exactly these and more this morning.

Sarah, I assure you that the homeless don't want your discarded size 3 campaign clothing. Giving it away later does not make buying it in the first place right.

D.K. Raed said...

B. Explorer:
One of my aunts volunteers for catholic charities that collect clothing for homeless. When I was cleaning out my closet during our last move, I asked her if she wanted any of my stuff for her charity. She said coats, sweaters, socks, knit hats, gloves, sturdy shoes, etc, but "none of your fancy office duds"! Then she said, just think of what you would wear if you had no home. She also told me the best donation are those personal size toiletries sold in drug stores, and UNDERWEAR (new in plastic pkgs, she emphasized "large sizes"). That's what made me realize that Sarah's size 3's would be pretty useless.

I remember you blogged before about people giving used underwear in really horrid condition. Sheesh! If it's only good enough for a cleaning rag, why make some charity volunteer have to sort & toss it. Hope you wear gloves! Now why on earth someone would give an AB exerciser or a gold clutch purse to a homeless shelter is beyond me!

DivaJood said...

Can you say "idiot?" I knew ya could.

Ingrid said...

brilliant!! bloody brilliant!! A family of grifters..ain't that the truth!!
sigh..I just loove the daily show..
Hhahahaha...a family of grifters..



an average patriot said...

The right should be very peeved that the RNC is dressing that Neanderthal. Stupid me I saw that scarf yesterday but didn't notice anything. Duh!

D.K. Raed said...

I can say it so well, I must be a genius!

yeah, they found their mark, an angry old man who can't think straight anymore, and then they pounced ...

Avg Pat:
They should be peeved, but are they? She just flings them a couple more god bones & they swoon at her feet. It's a cool scarf, though, FOR A DEMOCRAT! Harf!

Fran said...

I posted this same story today & the fact Sarah has a short leash. No more interviews unless John is present, and clearly she's been told to only parrot the talking points.
SNL needs to make her a parrot for halloween.

Can't remember who said it but someone asked the question- how will she donate the hair & makeup part of the tab?
Will she be giving her face & hair away after the election?

Maybe someone gave her the scarf as a gag gift
as if to say *you are making an ass out of yourself*

Fashion can be such a bitch!

Anonymous said...

Good God. She probably thought they were little horsies. I simply cannot believe this. Now she has Elizabeth Hesselbeck or Hesselheck or whatever her name is defending her wardrobe and saying attacks on her were sexist. Palin claims she has always been frugal. Oh yeah, but not when it came to other people's money. She is spending that like a drunken sailor.

D.K. Raed said...

I cracked up seeing your pirate skull. Maybe that is how Sarah will look after she donates all the hair & make-up to charity? And yeah, someone purporting to be an eyewitness reported that she didn't have the scarf on while speaking, but at some point as she was working the crowds, the scarf appeared ... so you may be right, someone "planted" it on her (much the same as Joe the Posturing Plumbing Prick was planted). Speaking of which, McCain is now calling Joe Biden, Joe the Biden! Is that hilarious, or what?

Little horsies?!?! If she thought anything (a big IF), she probably thought they were herd animals for her to "hunt". The "frugal" argument doesn't fly either. Not after learning how much she has bilked the State of Alaska for personal family traveling expenses & paying her a per diem to live in her OWN HOME! She is like a drunken sailor with a stolen credit card. Hasselbach (whatever, I never watch The View) is so idiotic, I can't even look at her, for fear her idiocy is contagious.

Tina said...

Oh sweet spray on Saviours! Didja hear 'bout Scary Sarah spending $900 on a spray-on tan? John at AMERICAblog summed it up best:
"I'm sure she'll tell us it's not really HER tan, she's just borrowing it, and will return it when the campaign is over. Probably donate it to some poor family in Ohio."
Speaking of Ohio.... Barack was here today in the town I grew up in... and while I was not able to get tickets, my BFF and I did strap Lil Man on my back (he was all bundled up like a chubby blond papoose in a bazillion layers 'cause it snowed here today-- first time for the season!) and we waved furiously giant Obama signs outside the Canton Civic Centre.
There were a T-O-N of us who couldn't get inside (fire marshalls be damned!) but Lil Man, BFF and I did see him arrive in his armored car!! Woot! BFF took pix (I couldn't focus a camera to save my life with my big hulking 31lbs boy on my aching back... phew!... I was lucky I could even stand and wave that big-ass sign as long as I did with all that adorable chub strapped on my back!!) but I'd do it again if I could b/c is is waaay heartwarming to see so many of my fellow Ohioans cheer for Barack!

D.K. Raed said...

What a perfect day! Even though your back had to pay the price for your 31-lb papoose, it has to be worth it! I wonder if Lil Man will remember it.

I remember big crowds lining the hwy from the airport in Vegas when LBJ flew in in the 60's. This was sometime very close to when JFK was shot. We all waited for hours until well after dark before his motorcade finally drove by. He was sitting in a big convertible waving his big white cowboy hat at us.

ps, maybe Sarah will donate her tan to some black family in OH? It will be just as useless to them as her size 3 designer clothes will be to the homeless women. what a bunch of malarky.

eProf2 said...

DK, SP is also wearing a polar bear label pin from one of my favorite Alaskan artists: Rie Munoz. Look her up, I think you'll like her art work, a huge weaving with Alaskan Native theme hangs in the state capital building and she is an author who illustrates her own books.

Anonymous said...

LA Plastic Surgery Palace - $30,000

Ya don't get cherubic cheeks like those without gobs-o-plastic surgery. Maybe that's why Palin refuses to release any medical records. ;-)