Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What is a Progressive Patriot?

Politics Plus is a wonderful blog by the prolific Tomcat. Tomcat is a tireless researcher of data and pursuer of freedom. He prowls the back alleys and byways of life in ceaseless pursuit of information. Every so often, he honors fellow bloggers with a Progressive Patriot Award. I don't claim to satisfy the requirements he laid out in any but the smallest degree, but am still quite honored to have been featured in his April awards, and will attempt to follow his rules about passing the award on & displaying it proudly.


The following is a snip directly out of Politics Plus April 2nd post:

"... Progressive patriots serve the state with their consciences ...

"Here are the next three Progressive Patriots:

Buckdog: This is the first time I have made this award to a non-US blog. Dawg bites neocon butts north of the border and does a fine job of it. He is one of my favorite sources for progressive Canadian news.

Distributorcap NY: Like the name suggests, DC is a New Yorker struggling for progressive values in a clear voice with great humor as well.

Redheaded Wisdom: Red's blog is a mix of personal and political. She is dedicated to taking back our country and restoring it to the values of peace, freedom, and equality.

"Folks, when you pass this award along, please make these instructions clear to the people to whom you give it.

Politics Plus introduced the Progressive Patriot Award to honor bloggers with the courage to stand up and oppose those in power when they abuse that power to the detriment of the people and fight for progressive ideals, such as human rights, tolerance, non-aggression, freedom and equity. If you receive this award from me or another blogger, please do the following to accept it. Display the award graphic proudly in your sidebar. Copy this paragraph into a post on your blog. In that post, pass the award on to a minimum of three and a maximum of five deserving bloggers. If you receive the award from another blogger, reply to this message HERE with a comment including the name and URL of your blog and the identity and date of the blogger who awarded it to you. I will then add you to a special blogroll of Progressive Patriots here."


So, Tomcat is asking us to pass the award along? No problemo! There are so many bloggers that I would consider Progressive Patriots. Here are just a few that I read everyday:

Ramblings (Fran in Oregon writes with much passion and conviction about politics and everything else, with special razor-bladed sharpness in her condemnation of this war).

Immoral Minority (Gryphen in Alaska never misses a story and cuts to the chase so succinctly, he must have those laser eyeglasses we were all promised in the back page ads of Superman comics).

Watergate Summer (Enigma, whose fireplace mantle must be full of awards, is a muse of inspirational quality and is passionately dedicated to honesty, which might make her a little dangerous to those who would suppress truth).

Dada's Dally (even though he thinks people are evolutionary dead-ends and might profess to hate the label patriot, it is obvious Dada loves this country and even some of its people, which makes his criticisms that much more poignant ... and always well-written with that special Dada Zing)!

Grubstreet Journal (Cart is an Australian bloke who will hate being labeled as a progressive, but loves to whack away at conventional ideology & keep us informed of what the continent down under is thinking about ---I call that progressive).

Now, I will attempt to figure out how to "display the award graphic" in my sidebar. Thanks, Tomcat! May your catnip always be plentiful.


D.K. Raed said...

hmmmm, after a couple idiotic mistakes, I was proud to figure out how to display a grahpic in the sidebar. Blogger made it fairly easy. In doing so, I finally see how to do a blogroll, too. So, old dogs can learn new schtick!

BTW, there are hundreds of thousands of progressive blogs. I bet most of them are tuned into the Petraeus Root Canal session today. Not me. I'm fertilizing the garden. Same thing, really. Jeez, I sound like Chauncey in "Being There". Or maybe Arthur C. Clarke: "sometimes disspationately, you must weed".

Gryphen said...

Wow d.k., I am humbled by your recognition of my work and your kind words.

Thank you very much and I will now rack my brain to think of others who may deserve the honor.

Fran said...

Mighty nice DK. A real compliment coming from a wonderful writer such as yourself. If dissent is the highest form of patriotism, then call me patriotic. = )

D.K. Raed said...

I love reading your well-expressed thoughts on the various stories of the day. I might read the same stories & my only thought is "ugh". BTW, there's no pressure with the award ... you know how these viral things work; sometimes you feel like playing, sometimes you don't.

You are a patriot! You see what needs to be changed and actually work to help change it!

dada said...

d.k. - Thanks for the recognition. What makes it really significant, it comes from someone I really respect and whose thoughts I enjoy.

I don't read many blogs but, I have to say, the ones I do read are among those you have recognized here. It's a pleasure to be among them.

Yes, I recoil at the 'patriot' word a bit, but I'd print out a copy of your description of Dada's here and carry it in on my person always if I thought it might help when the Bush Korps eventually comes for me. (maybe get it tatooed somewhere in case they take me away in the middle of the night while I not sleeping with my wallet containing the tiny D.K. paper echoing your praises of Dada's.)

Think it might help gain leniency? Oh, whatever the hell am I thinking? The cell block will likely be occupied by you and other bloggers honored herein.

But thanks for the recognition. It will be a nice (if not my last) thought on the waterboard!

D.K. Raed said...

you made me laugh! At first, I became very apprehensive knowing how little value any D.K. note/tattoo will be as a get-out-of-jail card. Maybe if my last name were Bush or Cheney, eh? But then I realized, since we will probably all be in the same boat, we should just "ride the tide and go with the flow" (which might come in especially handy if waterboarded). Let's hope before it comes to that, that some strong resistence underground RR system is in place, because even with you all for company, it's an honor I'd rather not experience. Switzerland, New Zealand, etc, look better every year. Maybe the underground RR will also be transoceanic.

Cart said...

D.K. my earlier comment failed to stick. Thank you for the honour.

enigma4ever said...

ahhh Dk what an honor from such a wonderful bloggeress....thank you....and such good company.....

azgoddess said...

way cool - congratulations everyone!! keep up the good work!!

TomCat said...

Red, you are more than welcome and most deserving. If you had to learn in the process, so much the better. ;-)

So far, only Gryphen has reported in to get added to the Progressive Patriot blogroll at PP.

Cart, at PP there is a version of the award without the US flag that may be a better fit for a bloke from Oz.

D.K. Raed said...

Sorry I've been AWOL again! Family guests, and now a sick dog to tend. The old girl is so arthritic in the rear legs & now having trouble w/the front ones. She's a little better today. yesterday she was motating like a fish, so I confined her to a pen & she's on pain meds & anti-inflmmatory. She was 14 in January & has now gone deaf & is losing weight & muscle mass. No whining or moaning though.

Cart & Enigma: you're most welcome! You both broaden my horizons, in completely different ways.

AZ & Tomcat: I need to get by & see what you've been up to! Maybe after the old dog calms down. I know you are both cat people, and I recall that the cats I've had over the years usually handle aging much better. Either that, or they hide it much better!

enigma4ever said...

whelp we will see if this works..
\Your emails are being returned to me- and I am being filtered if I blog with watergate summer in my name....

call me ....or try emailing me....thanks

D.K. Raed said...

Enigma: I hadn't checked back here, just assumed I had no other comments. Yours did not arrive as an email. Uh-oh, not again! Well, let's see if I get my own comment as a email. And here I thought that was all fixed now!

enigma4ever said...

DK- go to my blog- 2am Obama folks came up with IDea for bloggers to fight back 4.17.08- fight back ABC sucks....see my blog...WE the Bloggers ALL post the YES WE CAN SONG tomorrow...pass it on thanks...