Sunday, April 27, 2008

random thoughts on Sticker Shock

Do you think this photo was a dyslexic sign changer moment, or a portent of our future? I've got a bad feeling it won't be too long before that "high performance" price doesn't look so out of place!

I've sure been hearing some convoluted excuses for why our gas prices are so high. Here are a few being flung out by neocon justifiers:

1. Gas is not any more expensive today, considering inflation, than it was in the 1970's. {except it now takes two wage earners to supply the gas for one vehicle}

2. The problem with comparing today's gas prices to those of decades ago is that gas was too cheap back then. {so you don't believe in the free market anymore?}

3. Gas prices are being driven up because Democratic leaders refuse to fund more refineries. {if they are, it's the about only thing related to this oil war they've refused to fund}

4. It's only a temporary increase until we own the Iraqi Oil Fields. {I don't even know where to start with this argument. Since when do our gas needs justify human slaughter? Also, when you consider the expense of this whole war and the ongoing cost involved in future administrating & defending of any oil fields we happen to be able to "take over", what did we really accomplish?}

5. President Bill Clinton caused it by not killing Osama Bin Laden during his administration. {okie, dokie, so what's YOUR excuse?}

6. You should be proud to pay higher gas prices. It supports our efforts to Spread Freedom around the world! {well, when Bush's tax cuts for the wealthy are rolled back, so that they are Spreading Freedom to the same extent I am, I will consider if I am proud or not}

7. Americans are too in love with their SUV's. {so tell me again what you are filling your corporate jet's fuel tank with?}

8. We could have cheaper gas tomorrow if liberal environmentalists were less concerned about a few caribou in ANWAR. {drilling ANWAR today would only supplement our oil addiction for a few years, a poor payoff for adding to global climate change}

9. China and India are being wasteful with fuel. {if they are, who did they learn it from & shouldn't we now be leading in another direction? }

Well, I'm sure we've all heard these and many more "excuses" for higher gas prices. I've even heard that higher gas prices are good because it discourages consumption {like oh, that's all we were waiting for, higher gas prices, like we couldn't have a national alternative energy policy today if that's what it was all about!}

Funny, they never seem to mention what we all know ... that is, who benefits from soaring gas prices and why we are really engaged in oil wars ... Robber Baron Oil Boys who are all simply profiting too much on this deal & sense there are much more profits to be made. Just remember the rule of business is to "never leave any money on the table" (or in the buyer's wallet)!


Finally, here is something useful: want to know where the cheapest gas in your neighborhood, or wherever you happen to be driving, is? Mapquest has done it all for you! Click here , enter your zipcode OR street/town you are driving through, and they have it all mapped out, including directions & current prices for all grades of gas at each station.

Lowest prices in my area are hovering about $3.50 for regular. I will find out for sure this week at COSTCO.


Mauigirl said...

Great post - and you are so right in your responses to all those excuses.

I heard today that if Bushco hadn't let the value of the dollar go down the tubes, that the oil would be only $70 a barrel instead of whatever the heck it is now. So that's another reason to blame it on this administration's policies.

Cool Mapquest site.

D.K. Raed said...

Thanks and Welcome! I've appreciated your comments at Enigma's & Tomcat's and have been meaning to stop by your blog. First things first, though, since I'm henna-ing right now (the red was fading into a swimmingpool blonde). I think Oil is pushing toward $120/bbl now. It sure has worked out well for B-C & their A-hole buddies!

Anon-Paranoid said...

d.k. raed...

It cost me $42 dollars to fill up yesterday. I put on 140 miles last week which is about 40 to 50 miles more than I drive weekly.

That was due to Ginger being ill and my getting a new cat. Gas was 3.599 a gallon and I get around 11 1/2 miles per gallon.

By next week I expect it to be 3.649 to 3.669 per gallon and its not even summer yet.

Boy oh boy they just continue to rip the people off. What a bunch of Fascist Nazi's we have running our Country.

On another note:

Meet my new cat Baby. If you count down to number 20 from link below you will see her in a red cat box.


She weighted 17 1/2 lbs when the vet saw her right after I left the shelter.

Time for a nap for this dirty old man.

Take care and...

God Bless.

Cart said...

Justifying gas prices downunder is even more amusing. Even when oil prices drop the retail price rises.
Our pricing is supposedly based on the Singapore rate, but never reflects that either.
At least my sneakers have only risen by $10 a pair.

D.K. Raed said...

A new Cat! Aaah, she looks like a sweetheart. Of course, none will ever be like Ginger, it's just not possible. But Baby really did need a home and since she's no longer a kitty, the break-in period should go smoothly. Hope she appreciates all her predessor's toys. She's got a lot to live up to! Does she nap on the couch with you yet?

As far as tracking oil/bbl $$$, our prices follow it TOO closely. The minute oil/bbl goes up at all, the gas stations run out & increase their price. One would think the existing supply might be sold before raising prices was necessary. But, they say they are raising prices because what they will have to replace it with will cost them more. I think it's just another formula to separate us from our money a little faster. We may all be walking & bike riding more.

TomCat said...

Gas prices are being driven up because Democratic leaders refuse to fund more refineries.

The oil companies are currently enjoying record profits and are the beneficiaries of major corporate welfare. We're supposed to pay for their refineries too?

DivaJood said...

Won't everyone be surprised when we all find out that the Bush cronies have been manipulating the cost of oil. Sorta like, Enron, only more humongous. Ginormous.

an average patriot said...

Did you hear Bush the idiot? As usual he blamed everything on Congress including this. Congress won't let him dig in ANWR. Congress won't build new refineries which is a lie, power plants not being allowed to use coal to produce electricity which like everything else is going up. Like everything else it is everyones fault but his.
Bush is a little conniver. He is going to whine and hold his breath until he gets his way. The heck with him. He wants to dig in ANWR and will not shut up but keep instigating and enriching his friends until he can enrich them further by digging in ANWR.
It will reduce nothing but a nature reserve. The bottleneck is purposely created by the oil companies and that is the reserves to keep prices up.
Let him and lie! My thing is as the oil profits are increasingly obscene Bush is still stockpiling fuel. why? Is it to just enrich his friends? Add to the excuse that we have to drill in ANWR? Or in preparation for gumming up the middle east when he attacks Iran?

D.K. Raed said...

tonight, Keith O pointed out that even the oil companies tell Bush they don't need more refineries, the current ones are only at 85% capacity.

what might be surprising to some will be knowledge of the extent and heartlessness of it. Yup, like a global version of Enron wherein we all are both the hapless emp'ees who were screwed out of our pensions as well as the grandma millies in CA who were repeatedly raped each month by the smartest guys in the room.

Avg Patriot:
I did hear him speaking, or more accurately, badly reading words someone wrote for him, today. Yes, of course, he thinks EVERYTHING is Congress' fault. Soon he will be blaming them for the recession. oh wait, I think he wants to blame Bill Clinton for that.

uh-oh, I realize as I read your comment that I mispelled ANWR. For some reason I was thinking there had to be another "A" in there to stand for Alaska. And yes, EVERYTHING he does is to enrich his rich friends, even to the extent of another preemptive war. If it's good for Halliburton, Blackwater, Carlyle, Shell, etc/etc (as war is), it's good for Bush & friends.

enigma4ever said...

excellent post...I love the mapquest idea here is the thing...I would love to pay whatever- I dont know...6 a gallon IF and it is BIG IF- if OUR Troops were HOME out of Iraq....

I think what diva said will be true- we will find out that it was another enron thing- they manipulated so they can make gobs of money.....

D.K. Raed said...

We'll be paying it one way or another, whether the troops are home or not. Remember how we were supposed to get CHEAPER gas out of this war? Someone is laughing all the way to the bank about that! The cost in blood & treasure is so immense, it is hard to wrap one's mind around it. Along w/Cindy Sheehan, I wonder WHY?