Saturday, January 19, 2008

Watching and Waiting, Nevada

Rather than amuse myself with National Geographic photos as I did during New Hampshire's primary, I may walk the maze today while waiting for meaningful results of Nevada's caucus. Implications of feeling caught in a maze are intentional.

Maze Games Online

Amazing church maze designs online

The Chartres Labyrinth

The Chartres site has many links and historical information.

I'd like to construct a labryinth in my next backyard.

If the mazes aren't doing the trick, I'll re-read these articles from yesterday:

Close Contest Kingmaker

Glorious Future American Unions Walked Away From

Didn't work? Still thinking about Nevada?

Many sites, like CNN and MSNBC and have live caucus updates as they come in. There's always TV if you can handle seeing Blitzer's or Tweety's pontifications.

********** Update: Keep refreshing whatever online news you are watching. Right now, with 3% of votes counted, Obama has 47%, Clinton 46%. A few minutes ago, Obama had 64%. The polls just closed 25-minutes ago. Next update in comments.


D.K. Raed said...

2PM MST: CNN calls NV for Hillary with 52% of precincts counted. Clinton=51%, Obama=44%, Edwards=4%. NV has 25 dem delegates. I don't know if NV is a winner-take-all delegate state, or if they are apportioned.

TomCat said...

C-Span reported two minutes ago...
Clinton 50%
Obama 45%
Edwards 5%

Delegates are apportioned at the state Democratic convention.

Larry said...

The article about unions you linked to was unfortunately very true.

D.K. Raed said...

Larry: "unfortunately" being the operative word, eh. Another loss for the working people of America.

Tomcat: TV is saying there's a dispute over the NV delegates. There are 25 & they want to break them 13 to 12. Question is who gets what. This brings up if there is some question on the absolute vote count, because going by the caucus precinct counting system we are seeing reported as a huge Clinton win, there should be no question.

********** I'm having a hard time coming to grips with Nevada. Hope to post something more on it tonight. **********

TomCat said...

By precinct, it should be 13 Obama, 12 Clinton, but since delegates are not assigned until the convention, they could give all to Tom Tancredo. :-(

D.K. Raed said...

Tomcat, I think NV said they'll figure out the delegate distribution in April. Don't know why it would take them that long unless they are now busy caucusing each other. (sigh) ... well, as long as they're not caucusing us. I'm sick of the word caucus. Caucus = Debaucus.

interesting new pic, hmmm, oh yes there IS a cat in there somewhere!