Sunday, January 24, 2010

Clyde makes his morning rounds

A week of rain and overnight snow produces this morning's view of our very own 10,000-ft tall laccolith :
(click pic to enlarge)

The brisk air inspires Clyde to inspect his new yard, beginning with smelling every bush:

Verified whiff of overnight rabbit, OK to proceed to next bush:

Personal fire hydrant! oops, watch out for sharp spikes:

Don't forget to sneak up on plastic bunny outside the courtyard:

Inspection complete, time to head back inside new house where it's warm:

and see if that redhead has any doggie treats for a good old dog:


D.K. Raed said...

(From Survey Notes, Utah Geological Survey, Sept. 2002):

Laccoliths are certainly among the most unique and interesting geologic features. A laccolith is formed when an intrusive body from below uplifts a region. It is like a volcano that did not quite make it to the surface.

Utah has some of the premier examples in the world. Best known are the Henry and La Sal Mountains laccoliths because of their spectacular exposures. The Pine Valley Mountains laccolith may be one of the largest in the world. The Pine Valley laccolith was emplaced about 21 million years ago as molten rock from deep within the earth moved upward into shallow overlying sedimentary rocks. There it spread out and crystallized into what is one of the largest such intrusions in the world. Uplift and erosion have since uncovered the huge granitic 3,000 ft high blister of a laccolith.

Fran said...

Wow! That is one spectacular view!!!
What is with the plastic bunny??
Will there be other yard things???

Pink Flamingos

Dada said...

Totally lost this morning's comment made here. Sorry Deke, but I just don't have it in me to try to recreate it again. Just a couple things I recall from it:

the beauty of the laccoliths (translated "Milkstones"?) which I'm sure Clyde loves just contemplating.

I love Clyde -- if god had intended us to experience unconditional love, he would have given us dogs....(Oh...wait....)

The photo of you and Clyde, I studied awhile (I thought you were wearing high heels! -- viewing it on an iPod, that's probably why)

And while I don't comment too often here or like on Ramblings, it's because I usually visit via the iPod at 4:00 in the morning while lying prone in the morning darkness and I find commenting by the new typing (by thumbs only) on the iPod rather archaic.

What else did I say? I can't remember, after all, that was 12 hours ago......

D.K. Raed said...

Fran: any more yard things will be in the back yard. a plastic frog has already paved the way. no flamingos or gnomes, I don't live in Wasilla. donkeys? maybe for when I'm in the mood to kick some ass!

Dada, who is all thumbs at 4AM: people have often pointed out that my arms and legs are those of a much taller person, but no one has ever accused me of wearing high-heel tennies, HAH!

And yes, that Clyde is an unconditional love machine. don't know if he can actually see the laccolith though. catching sight of other dog walkers is enough daily excitement for him.

Cartledge said...

DK, great to see Clyde is taking ownership. But plastic bloody rabbits? You know what we do to rabbits here...
My new neighbours up country tell me I need a dog. They are no doubt correct, it will probably happen in time. No laccoliths to entertain it, but lots of granite boulders from lava that did reach the surface.
The place is looking good, great job.

D.K. Raed said...

Cart: what? I thought you luvved those wittle bunnies! Certainly if you had a dawg, he would wuv 'em too!

It's funny, most days Clyde doesn't even notice the plastic bunny, but when he does, whooooah, he has to sneak up on it or give it wide berth, depending on his mood. what he thinks of laccoliths is anyone's guess. he's seen the Grand Canyon close up & personal (especially, the ahem, fabulously entertaining kaibab squirrels taunting him therein), so I guess a huge laccolith is no biggie to his eyes.

Mauigirl said...

Great picture of the mountains. Love the Clyde series. I can imagine the fake rabbit could fool him from time to time!

One time we were in Provincetown on Cape Cod and there is an actual stuffed wolf outside one of the boutique stores along the main street. Diva saw it from a distance and started stalking it. Her hackles rose on her back! She thought it was real. Then she got up close and sniffed and realized if it was real, it is also now very dead and no longer a threat. Next time we walked by it she ignored it completely!

茂一 said...
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D.K. Raed said...

sorry, I am disabling comments for awhile ... tired of spam and s.ex ad.s com.ments.

I'm in the midst of nursing a husband through a painful knee replacement as well as trying to sell a house and set up a new house etc.

Anything I would blog has usually been blogged by others. I'll be back when all this settles down.