Saturday, May 30, 2009

Never ask a Canadian to do what you should do yourself ... eh?

...poster seen plastered all over Toronto as Canadians welcome George W. Bush to their country!

Yes, for the second time since he officially became our former president, George W. Bush decided to venture out of the U.S. And yes, it was again to Canada that Mr Bush fled on his so-called foreign excursion tonight under the apparent delusion that Canada is not a hostile country.

In advance of his arrival, the Canadians prepared a little welcoming party, including various protests and a formal letter from "Lawyers Against War" to the Canadian PM and other members of the Canadian Parliament. In that letter of May 26th, L.A.W. argues that in view of the war crimes committed by Mr Bush, the Government of Canada has no legal option except either:

1. to bar George W. Bush's entry into Canada ... or ...
2. to arrest George W. Bush and either prosecute him for torture or extradite him to a country that will do so.

It's clear from the tone of their letter, that L.A.W. does not consider the U.S. to be a country capable of prosecuting a war criminal.

We could prove them wrong! We could arrest Mr Bush as he attempts to cross back into our country from his 50-mile cross-border jaunt! Some justice-hungry border guard could follow his conscience and start us down the sweet road toward national salvation tonight, right? Don't we, like Canada, have laws about not allowing war criminals to enter the U.S.?

Isn't this something we really have to do ourselves? Just because we relied on foreign countries to handle renditioned prisoners does not mean we can rely on them to properly prosecute our War Criminal in Chief. True, we'll never get Cheney or Rumsfeld this way because they'll never be stupid enough to travel out of the country and then try to cross back into the U.S., but ya gotta start somewhere, so why not with Mr Ivy League Brain (which we all now know is inferior thanks to Karl Rove's innuendo) himself?

However, our neighbors to the north should not think we don't appreciate the thought! Thank you, Canada, for at least trying! Thank you for always being there, perched above us and pointing the way toward sanity and justice. I know it must be hard to watch us down here always bragging about how America (which in our egocentricity only includes the U.S.) is the best country in the world because our system of law and justice are equally applied to all, but then politely coughing and looking the other way when we have a real chance to put our grand theories into practice. I know you mean well, but really, this is something we are going to have to do ourselves.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti's "unfinished flag of the united states" ...
...Here is a link to a recent Ferlinghetti poem, Totalitarian Democracy, which you might care to read sometime when you feel like thinking! Want more?


Annette said...

I haven't given up yet.. I am still thinking Pres. Obama and AG Holder have something up their sleeves. But it could be there is more that we don't know yet.. there is an amendment on the books I found the other day that is troubling.

It was mentioned by Jack Cafferty in the movie I posted "Taxi to the Dark Side" It is in 5 parts and I think it was in the 5th part.. he talks about it being in there. I looked it up and there may be a problem..but I need someone a lot smarter than me to read it and tell me.

Fran said...

Yay Canada! they really staged a nice "welcome"- Up & *aboot* (swing by & see their boot throwing display)...
We really have been lame in dealing with this criminal--and to this day, people are STILL dying & suffering because of his administration's rogue lawlessness.

It strikes a raw nerve to think they went into full on Impeachment proceedings over Clinton's sex scandal, but the murder & war crimes have gone unpunished.

Maybe nothing will become of it unless We the People demand there be legal action.

I hope all the president's men ( and Condi) have created their own prison, in that they can't attend anything publicly without protests and chants of WAR CRIMINAL!

Protests are fine, but we need serious legal action &
serious legal consequences.

How does the saying go?

If you're not outraged, you;re not paying attention!

D.K. Raed said...

I'm interested in that amendment! I'll try to swing by today & read. But I note that by some of the legal standards the Canadian L.A.W. group were using, they would technically also have to arrest Obama!

I saw many of protests on one of the links in my post. Wish I could've been there! In addition to the show-throwing, there were people in a crowd waving to greet the president, except their bright red-gloved hands did not look like those of official greeters. If only they could've arrested that bloody criminal, he'd have been caught red-handed.

D.K. Raed said...

*****hmmmm, many of the links I put in this post last night are now "dead" and won't reinstall no matter how I try to do it! So I just cleared them out & put in other links that ARE working right now. Probably my sick computer again!****

Fran said...

The links are working. Long, but kick ass poem & the following one about cutting down. Whoah!

The Canada LAW demand to either arrest or refuse was right on.

Why is our country so damned willing to let Bush be free to drink Martinis & watch the sun rise in his Dallas mansion & other countries are so much more clear on protesting his War Crimes AND calling for ACTION?

What is wrong with our country???

D.K. Raed said...

I still don't know why all my links were dead the next day. I had to find new links & rework the layout to even get them to post correctly. Dunno if it was worth the effort, but I really REALLY loved that poem. Striking juxtapositions, capturing the end of an era ... or The End of the Time of Useful Consciousness, as Ferlinghetti puts it.

I think the Canadians and other countries have handed us the way out of a dilemma. Just arrest suspected war criminals (including US citizens) as they attempt to re-enter the U.S. after one of their foreign trips! We don't allow international war criminals to enter the U.S. -- period!

You ask, what's wrong with us? whooo-boy, what a loaded question! Let's just say we talk a lot about values and laws but show very little inclination to go for the jugular of rich and/or powerful who violate those laws.

Fran said...

That is a powerful poem & what the Canadian LAW group put together was comprehensive.. so as far as I am concerned, it was worth it. Thanks!

I'm not convinced the masses talk a lot about laws & values as much as... American Idol. Hell, they even bring up the game show in regular news as a pertinent newsworthy item of the day!

So we have Idle Americans watching game shows while the biggest war criminal since Hitler roams free,

Shabbir Hussain s/o Mukhtar Ali said...


SagaciousHillbilly said...

I dream of the day when MoronMonkeyBoy bush the Chimp will be broughtto justice along with all his handler. . . I mean the real handlers.

I also dream of the day when I much needy you guidance in web design.

D.K. Raed said...

If I had any experience in web design, my blog would not be using a standard template, but I do thank you for stopping by.

S. Hillbilly:
Thanks for sharing your dreams. May the first one come true soon, and may you never seriously need the second one! ps, at first I suspected we might be related because some of my favorite family members are self-described hillbillies, but none of them are sagacious, at least not visibly.

Cart said...

DK, as a wannabe Canadian I can tell you the poor bastards live in fear that some dumb American will decide to smother them.
The buy American thing is just one more demonstration that neigbours are only welcome in the good times.
Bush ight not be loved, but Obama still poses a notional threat up North. It is bloody hard when you live next door to a 500 lb gorilla.

D.K. Raed said...

oooh, so sorry to have reminded you that canadians are perched on top of a timebomb shaped like the U.S. (still it is a better position to be in than poor mexico). If we're all lucky, it's a dud ... unless you're in the market for one, then it's "buy american"!