Monday, April 20, 2009

I need a vacation

Animal Fun: which photo is natural and which is photoshopped?
Hyena ...


Which of those animals is most closely to related to the cat family and which to the dinosaur family? Am I likely to see either of them on my camping trip this week into the wilds of Nevada?

Animal Art Fun: which of these pieces is by Andy Warhol and which by Jeff Ham?

And now for something REALLY scary:
Sometime ago, I used an artistic website (long since forgotten) to alter a photo of myself sitting in an empty cafe into a "Modigliani" style. The above is what they came up with. Yes I guess the horse-face features are Modigliani, but where is the beauty so evident in the following Modig clip? (warning: female nudity)...

If you just can't enough Modigliani, here's a longer clip (at apprx 4:35, I swear Shirley McClaine's ancestral twin is posing, or maybe she really has lived previous lives?) ... Why did he elongate faces, why is his perspective of the nose and neck so odd? Why are the eyes so dead and/or sad? Why are the mouths so squinched up? Maybe someone with an art background has a clue. I certainly don't.

I have not forgotten about my MMM series. After we return from this week's camping trip, I hope to get back into it. Sometimes you just have to walk/run/hike away from it all for awhile.


Annette said...

I can understand your need to take a break away from the MMM subject. That is a pretty deep and pretty hard subject and I am sure it is difficult for you or anyone to write about.

Enjoy your time away.. Have fun and be careful.

Fran said...

The hyena is real & the Ostrich is photoshopped.

As for your vacation..... all I can say is
kidnap me!

Looks like you are picking a perfect time to travel & enjoy some uncongested enjoyment of nature.

I'm not kidding! KIDNAP ME!!!!!

I was not familiar w the art of Modigliani--- the giraffe necked renditions are interesting, but not all of them are so distorted.

Time for this one to eat my oatmeal & hit the corporate world.

You have no idea how "compliant" & well behaved I am these days.

I heart health insurance & a regular paycheck!!!

D.K. Raed said...

we had to postpone due to a heatwave that should break in a couple more days. (big sigh) ...

I think the Ostrich guy said he used a combo of human and dog teeth for the effect. The tongue was particularly gross.

enigma4ever said...

have a wonderful trip...go ...enjoy....and be good to yourself- and don't run into any hyenas...

Annette said...

Hoping you had a good trip and fun time. Let me know when you get back.. I have an award for you..

D.K. Raed said...

Hyenas were successfully avoided!

An award, hmmmm, I'll be by later ... still catching up & recovering from vacation "bliss".