Monday, March 16, 2009

Just in time for St Paddy's Day

Alcohol Shot Gun
Armed with the Alcohol Shot Gun, you can pull the liquor trigger on yourself! Just pour your favorite drink into the cartridge, cock the trigger, point and shoot.

WARNING: to be used only with alcohol. Manufacturer is not responsible if you should happen to load this weapon with tap water! Standards must be strictly maintained for the enjoyment of all.

The Alcohol Shot Gun is real product offered for $29.99 by

Here is another fun St Paddy's item that might be necessary to wear after imbibing a few of those Alchohol Gun Shots: Taken at a StP parade in Vegas, any resemblance to me, one of my sisters and nephew is purely coincidental ... though it must be said, I'd certainly prefer looking at the world through green-colored glasses than rose-colored ones!

EK will be playing in a local St Patrick's Tennis Tournament. The only dress rules are to wear something green. Here is what I suggested:

An Irish-ish thought for the day:
As you can tell, I think St Patrick's Day is for fun. Good thing, too, because what we will be doing the rest of week is not so fun. We will be attending a seminar series by the authors of "Massacre at Mountain Meadows". We live near where this heinous crime took place in Sept 1857, and like many locals I want to know if this book is yet another cover-up by the LDS church. The authors had unprecedented access to all documents in the church archives and were supposedly allowed to publish their own conclusions. For me there is a personal aspect I'd like to pursue and that is the extent of involvement by at least one of my ancestors. Maybe he wasn't involved in the actual slaughter, at least that is the family story, but there are historical accounts of his involvement afterwards including tracking of 2 massacre escapees. Many local residents would like the truth, not only about the massacre itself, but also to what extent the church gagged local witnesses and/or participants, some of whom eventually escaped from Utah Territory altogether rather than face blood executions and other reprisals. There is much family evidence that has never been made public. 150+years after the fact, it's beyond time to heal this bloody wound.


Dave Dubya said...

The LDS has a long way to go to match the murderous record of the Catholic Church.

Since the Pope apologized for the Inquisition, can the Mormons bring themselves to apologize for their blood-stained past?

Institutionalized religion scares me.

D.K. Raed said...

Dave Dub:
True it's hard for the morms to match the caths, but only because the morms have only been at it for less than 200-yrs vs 2000-yrs! What galls me is the veneer of peace laid on top of the bloody bodies. Sorry, but sorry isn't good enough. And apologies that flow along the lines of "mistakes were made" are not good enough, either.

Fran said...

They are having a briefing @ work tomorrow & I have to wonder if they are up to something.
My sup wrote she will be in "an interview" tomorrow during the briefing, so I am a bit nervous about what shoe might be about to drop there.

Sure hope they are not considering her to be the HR person. that would be awful.

Meanwhile--- my town is getting into bare essentials... come read about it.

(Love the shamrock glasses! the alcohol shooter thing scares me....)...

D.K. Raed said...

I'm sure I'd have the same reaction to the alcohol shot gun as I do at the Dentist -- uncontrollable gag reflex.

hmmm ... the word "briefing" is a bit odd ... sounds a bit like espionage ... like your company is gonna get some CIA work or something! How weird would that be?!?

Annette said...

Wow, D.K. How neat that maybe the truth will finally be brought to light on this story. I have always thought this was something that needs to come out. I live close to Independence, MO so I share with you the location of being close to the history of the LDS church and all that offers.

I am sure you know what I mean in saying that if you know anything about it. We have the tower here close to me, of course that's not what I call it...but I will be

Be sure to keep me posted on your discovery, I for one will be very interested in this, I have always wanted to know the true story of Mountain Meadows.

enigma4ever said...

this is a great post...thanks for cheering me up....lovely...and I hope mr.e did wear that hat- it's a winner....

Spadoman said...

I have to agree about the Mormons and Catholics. Killing for the understanding of their religion. Senseless.

Now St. Paddy's day, that's another matter. Isn't that a Catholic patron saint day celebration?

By the way, St. Joseph's Day is March 19th. The tradition was to make cream puffs for the celebration. Mom used to do this and pinch my cheeks. She still does pinch my cheeks come to think of it, but I haven't had a good cream puff in years!


D.K. Raed said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean. You live The Garden of Eden! You call it the tower, one of my cousins calls it the power plant (where they go to get recharged).

Mr E has an emerald green pair of tennis shorts so he rejected my apparel idea. I can't imagine why!

the caths couldn't keep a fun holiday like St Pats to themselves forever! Soooo ... cream puffs for St Joseph's Day ... maybe he was a baker?