Saturday, February 14, 2009

Saturday Night Valentine Music

Robbie Robertson "Somewhere Down the Crazy River" (4.5 minutes):

Lyrics & Vocal: Robbie Robertson, 1987
Background vocal: Sammy BoDean
Omnichord: Daniel Lanois (I'll save him for another saturday night)
Guitar: Bill Dillon; Bass: Tony Levin; Drums: Manu Katche'

My favorite line: "HANG THE RICH" .....
also, "That VooDoo stuff don't do nothing for me"

Suggested improvement: make the girl a redhead.


D.K. Raed said...

kind of moody, hot and steamy. good way to chase away the winter cold weather...

My first encounter with Robbie Robertson was in The Band at Big Pink (Bob Dylan). Canadian born, he is the son of a Jewish father and Mohawk mother. His first musical exposure was at the Six Nations Reservation, his mother's girlhood home.

Fran said...

Sssssssssssssss Sizzling hot!
I wondered if it was the Robbie Robertson of "The Band" fame.... so thanks for answering that question!
I see you will need to keep warm as your weather thingy on the sidebar says 30 degrees & snowy!

Nice that you are doing your part for.. ahem.. energy conservation.