Thursday, July 24, 2008

Close Encounters of the Third Term

*** There is a line I like in Close Encounters of the Third Kind. It's when the government has put out the phoney story of airborne poison in order to keep people away from the scene of anticipated alien contact. Even though they are all dressed in hazmat suits, Richard Dreyfuss doesn't believe them. He rips off his gas mask and defiantly states, "the only bad air here is you guys farting around".

By any measure, this has not been a good month for McCrusty in his quest for the presidency. His gaffes are becoming legendary. But gaffes can have a funny quality, and there is nothing funny in what McC's gaffes are revealing. His latest supersurgifragilistic explanation is ... atrocious! It's like he thinks no one remembers the sequence of events in the latter half of 2006. Gee, Johnny, it wasn't that long ago....

In November 2006, we had what's known as a mid-term election, wherein the overriding message from the voters was GET OUT OF IRAQ. This so threw President Bush offbalance that he immediately got rid of Defensive Secretary Rumsfeld. He publically humiliated KKKarl and busied himself with various other household chores (like sending Scotty on down the road to supposedly await a front-porch rocking chair visit). But what to do, what to do .... the voters said GET OUT OF IRAQ ... but Bush can NEVER leave Iraq, so to buy time, he set up an Iraq Study Group, known as Baker Hamilton, to recommend what to do in light of the voter's message to GET OUT OF IRAQ. That bought him about a month.

In the meantime, we all sat around our wintery fireplaces and wondered 1) if Baker-Hamilton would be able to recognize that it's time to GET OUT OF IRAQ, and 2) would Bush listen if they did. Surprise, surprise! Bush managed to cherry-pick out of the Baker-Hamilton Report the idea that perhaps the voters weren't exactly saying it's time to GET OUT OF IRAQ .... perhaps what they were really saying was IT'S TIME TO CHANGE COURSE IN IRAQ. When Baker-Hamilton pointed out that doesn't sound right, Bush had Gen Petraeus back him up! Neither Baker nor Hamilton would argue with a goddamn genuine General.

A plan for a surge of tens of thousands of additional combat troops was announced (whatever the original number was, it was later revealed to be more than doubled by the necessary support troops). Voters were confused ... that didn't seem much like a GET OUT OF IRAQ plan. Many democrats and even some republican turncoats were skeptical 1) that this was what the voters voted for, and 2) if such a surge would help or hurt the clusterfuck in Iraq. But one old fellow, the senior Senator Statesmen McCrusty, stood up among the confused elected officials, brushed back his plastered-down strands of hair, opened his corn kernal toothed mouth and proclaimed: My frends, if we want to win in Iraq, why stop at a few thousand surging troops? Why not send in 100,000, or 500,000 or even 1,000,000 surgers? (note this is all my own personal memory, not colored by or watered down by subsequent news coverage) ...

Well by now, we are all familiar with McC's gift for exageration. 100K, 500K, or 1 Million ... they're all just numbers to him. 1-yr, 10-yrs, 100-yrs, 1000-yrs ... time is just another number to him. Economics, inflation, failing banks, home mortgage fiasco ... oh my, ho-hum, more numbers .... BORING. Social Security? He recently admitted he isn't completely clear what Social Security does, but called its premise an "absolute disgrace". Ah, but tax cuts for the wealthy, now those are some serious numbers that McC understands and will fight for.

To me, the gaffes McC makes are worrying symptoms. Very simply, he seems UNFIT TO COMMAND, UNFIT TO LEAD!

A President needs to understand many things. He needs to honestly assess situations and provide thoughtful solutions. For instance, he can't be misunderstanding what constitutes a "surge" (hint: think of a storm surge which rises up & then abates, that is the essence of a surge ... it does NOT stay at flood height forever, it surges & then recedes). He can't be unclear and incoherent about something as serious as war. He can't be implying that if the surge isn't working we need to keep doing it, and if it is working, we need to keep doing it. And furthermore, he can't be saying we began a super-secret surge before the surge (which he mistakenly calls a counterinsurgency, as if by saying a word with surge in it, it means is the same thing).

And yet he is saying all those things ... and more!

We do not need another incoherent president. Eight-years of Bush is enough already! If ever the phrase "No Third Term" applies, it is now! Another Neo-Con at the helm would be crazy!

McCrusty's flatulent proclamations should be met with the same disbelief as Richard Dreyfuss in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

*** Any resemblance between McC and E.T. is intentional. "E.T. McC go Home!" -- back to your cushy senate cell chamber, thickly padded with 24-yrs of congressional cotton. ps, Watch TV coverage of Obama in Europe today and compare to Senator CheeseDick.


an average patriot said...

I have to worry about what the right is going to do to keep Bush in or steal the election for the new idiot so they can continue their mis-agenda. I just in no way can see the right allowing a President McCain or the awesome power the President now has allowed in Dem hands!
McCain is as dumb as the current idiot so he is their man to continue this mess. As Obama is more widely accepted Bush and McCain get more ignorant. The more McCain distances himself from Bush the more he is like him. In fact the chief idiot is scheduled to speak at the GOP convention. It sickens me. What are those scum going to spew now!

Border Explorer said...

Priceless post, D.K.!
Patriot--your response is wonderful.
E.T./McCrusty needs to 'phone home' since he hasn't yet mastered the internet.

an average patriot said...

Scary isn't it! They are going to do something. That time Obama's plane had an in flight emergency it was something that never happens and could have brought the plane down. The rear emergency chute deployed mid flight and could have interfered with the hydraulics and brought the plane down. That would have been convenient for the right! I trust nothing with those unscrupulous under handed killers.

Ingrid said...

to think that the press is still giving him a free pass, except Keith Olbermann that is..and what about the latest Bush undermining McCee with changing gears re. Iran and Iraq?? He probably thinks he's getting screwed over again like when he was running opposite him in 2000..

still..republicans are notoriously loyal with blinders on and they tend to come out of the woodwork come election time..I'm still holding my breath, gaffes or no gaffes..


D.K. Raed said...

Avg Pat:
I don't think McC is dumb. I think he has bought into the Necon world domination dream & that makes him dangerous. I also think he has lost quite a few of his marbles & is losing more daily. The combination makes him puppet material (similar to Bush). And yes! OMG, if the fix is in, we are well & truly screwed.

aaah, so you are an E.T. fan! Yes, McC should PHONE home ... like on one of the old rotary dial phones with oversize numerals ... or, better yet, one of the original Bell boxes with nothing but a handset where he picks it up & some crusty midwesterner asks him "Number please". Would he have the nerve to ask them to connect him to 9-1-1?

D.K. Raed said...

Avg Pat:
oops, forgot you added about that plane chute fiasco. I've never heard any follow-up to that incident. Strange. I don't know if this will allay your fears any, but I think Obama is safe until AFTER the elections. Now McC, he could pop at any time. I notice he goes out of his way to talk in that montone bored voice. I've heard that tone before. It is used by those who are about to lose it ... kind of like self-hynosis to calm themselves down.

It's like bizarro world. McC CLAIMS he is getting bad coverage. But when McC makes these potentially explosive mistakes (like confusing Iran w/Iraq or Surge w/Awakening or Sunni w/Shi'ite), it's all glossed over & the press quickly moves on. Nothing to see here, just old Johnny speaking in his pre-senile dementia tongue! Your observation is a good one: will repubs vote for Obama? or are they so blinded by the god, guns & gay-bashing crowd, that they just can't bring themselves to push that little vote booth button for Obama ... even as they are getting screwed economically, medically, educationally, militarily etc?

Cart said...

We do not need another incoherent president – But you might end up with an incontinent president as well. Any US desire to regain respect in the world would be shattered if this silly old bastard snuck through.

D.K. Raed said...

Oh Cart, we americans can (and do!) urinate on others, particularly other countries that get in our way (hey, they were ASKING for it), but we will simply NOT tolerate our president urinating on himself (I HOPE)!

an average patriot said...

Whether something happens to him before or after he is elected will only matter as to who he picks for Veep. What made me more suspect about his plane was that it was not his regular plane but a last minute replacement. Suspect you bet! We never heard anything and we will not. I am very watchful knowing the right is not going to give up their awesome stolen power, control, or their mis agenda. Oh man!

DivaJood said...

His grasp of anything substantial is non-existent. Terrifying that there could be four more years of this shit.

an average patriot said...

McCain is a brainless scum like the idiot he wants to succeed. I have to laugh! What you said just reminded me of something I learned in High school that Bingo! Applies to them. If you can't dazzle them with Brilliance Baffle them with Bullshit! Hell it works we are all baffled!

D.K. Raed said...

Avg Pat:
that is so scary, a substituted plane! it reminds me of The Godfather movies ... everytime any little thing was different, out of the ordinary, beyond normal routine ... it meant DEATH!

I really worry it is beyond age-related. He just seems ... I don't know how to put this nicely ... but he reminds me of how my mom began acting a few yrs before her alzheimer's became obvious ... which would make him easily manipulated as well as incoherent.

an average patriot said...

Red and Diva, Right on!

enigma4ever said...

this was a great post...the thing is I am confused...does McCain really think things happened this way or his he that means he really is like Bush....illliterate or ignorant...OR..another scumbag liar...or is he old and confused and NO one is supposed to correct him - the Media certainly doesn't....CBS edits it for him- gggggeeeeez...

I watched him at the WURST House photo shoot the other day...and it dawned on me...he is losing it...he doesn't quite know what is going on at can see it in his eye..he gets that glazed look and then he gets crotchety angry...
I wish in a way there were debates right now...I think we would see how fragile he really is..

D.K. Raed said...

I think he believes what he says. The problem is what he says is flat out wrong & either he doesn't even know it, or thinks he can wriggle his way out it of later ... the same way he used to do in the pre-youtube age (where he is still living, trying to get "on the google").

He IS losing it! Notice he doesn't even bother to correct himself when he makes minor speaking errors. He just goes on without a pause, meaning either he doesn't recognize he misspoke (i.e. he doesn't even listen to himself), or he just doesn't care, or he is counting on Katie Couric editing to make him appear compis mentis.

Will he eventually lose his temper in public, as every doctor must be aware he is prone to do (or they wouldn't have began every evaluation with the observation that "patient seems calm", which I took to mean they were contrasting his demeanor on this office visit to other previous ones, ones the reporters weren't allowed to look at in their short preview window of few recent years of medical records)? Or is he on heavy meds (as was probably done to GWB to make him lose the irritating smirk) to control his temper? Because the man is NOT acting normally, and I HATE to even think of another premanifesting reagan alzheimer prez. Yes, let the debates begin!!!

Mauigirl said...

Great post, D.K. My husband and I were talking about McCain over the weekend and really it seems as if he is losing it mentally. We certainly don't need that after 8 years of a president who didn't have "it" in the first place!

D.K. Raed said...

Thanks, and Amen! McC is on autopilot. That would be a Dangerous way to run a country!