Sunday, December 16, 2007

Bush Countdown

YES, it's official! The backwards clock reveals that as of today, there are 400 days remaining to Inauguration Day 1-20-09. On that glorious day, the scourge endured for eight long years will officially end, and the hard work of rebuilding our country will begin! Or at least that's what the tea leaves predict.

Until then, there are still the 400 days to get through ... which reminds me of an old Francois Truffaut film. While the title literally translates to "400 Blows", the interpreted meaning is "Raise Hell". I'm sure Molly Ivins would agree that this is exactly what we need to do for each and every day of the 400 days remaining until January 20, 2009.

Here are a few interesting facts about the number 400: 400 is the square of 20 (note: the Mayans used a Base 20 system, the significance of which I will explore below). A circle is divided into 400 grads. 400 is a self number in Base 10 (the base system we use), since there is no integer that when added to the sum of its own digits results in 400. On the other hand, 400 is divisible by the sum of its own Base 10 digits, making it a "Harshad" number. That last fact brings up a fascinating relationship between numbers and our lives. The name "Harshad" is sanskrit for "Great Joy" -- as you can tell, I am taking great joy in contemplating what will occur 400 days from now!

Warning: for the balance of this post, I will become a "Woman of the Oak" otherwise known as a Celtic Soothsayer & issue stream-of-conscious revelations ... The ancient Hebrew alphabet had 22 letters; the FINAL letter was assigned a numerical value of 400. In Hebrew, that letter is called "Tav". In Ethiopic, it is "Tau". The final letter in ancient Greek is "Upsilon", which to us is the letter "U". Since that was their final letter, to represent what we would call "W", they would've used "U" twice. Is it a coincidence that the initial by which Bush is known is the official LAST letter of ancient alphabets, and that it was assigned a numerical value of 400, which is the number of days remaining until his LAST official day in office? As one of my sisters would say, Coincidence or Crap? Women who resembled the Celtic Soothsayer have been tortured to death for being "wise women". Their reputations were fueled by their phenomenal memories which reached back ... 400 years!

OK, now let's check the americas ... Meso-America! Mayans either invented the concept of zero or inherited it from the Olmecs (who disappeared circa 4th century B.C.). They perfected it in their calendars during 4th century A.D. (europeans eventually received knowledge of zero from the arab culture after 800 A.D. -- and yes, note all these appearances of 400 or multiples of 400). Zero was represented by the Cosmic Egg. Mayans believed that adding zeroes to any number imbued it with transformative change, intensifying the nothingness of death and the totality of life within the same circle (or egg).

Let's analyze what will happen 400 days from now as the Mayans would. As a new president is sworn in, we will embark on a new Life Path. The new path suggests "genius for planning, fixing, building & making things work". It also suggests "trustworthiness & practicality". Those are the positive aspects for the new Life Path which I fervently hope will materialize. Conversely, the Life Path just ending is characterized by "sheer stubborness & dogged beliefs". In addition, the intensification factor of TWO zeroes following the number 4 suggests that the Life Path just ending was "excessively obsessive and dogmatic, narrow-minded and repressive." Dum-de-dum-dum, sound familiar? Coincidence or Crap?

This is an image of the Cosmic Zipper, made up of a cosmic egg (or zero) with a rip in the fabric of time. I bring up this concept because the Mayans have a prophesy about cosmic cycles. Their long calendar predicts the current cycle ends in the year 2012 (Dec 21, 2012 to be exact), which also happens to be a presidential election year for us. They go on to predict the 4 sun years leading up to 2012 (that is to say, the years from 2008 - 2012) will be a time of accelerated change, both in the physical Earth and within human consciousness. Sounds like we have a lot in store for us during those 4 years (there's that number 4 again), all the more important to make sure our leadership and we personally are up to the task!

Coincidentally, the next Solar Max for sunspot activity will be in 2012 & it will be the strongest in historical records. Click here for a graphic correlation of Sunspots and the Rise and Fall of Civilizations. Heights of civilization are associated with strong sunspot activity. Personally, I don't like the idea of reaching a height in 2012, because that would mean the crash is that much closer. And besides, one civilization's height is another's cultural trough.

I hope none of this numerical speculation scared you away. I find it all endlessly fascinating & wish everyone had as much fun with it as I did putting it together. Sources are cited in the coments. Too bad we don't have a Mayan candidate running for 2008. Maybe in 2012?
Perhaps YOU have a coincidence about the Number 400 to share?


enigma4ever said...

This is such a great will walk around humming to myself...WE CAN DO THIS...there is alot to do, I strongly feel this is the most critical year....the year we need to take back Our Country.....( today is the Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party perfect timing on your post ;-)

It truly is up to US , not the Congress, not the Senate, and not the MSM, to save OUR Country, at this point we ALL have been Katrinaed in one way or another.....WE ARE ALL WE HAVE GOT.....

also don't forget to spread the news about Wexler's Impeachment Petition ( and his YouTube)...and he is right we need to set this right- Once and For all....

Keep up the Great Writing....

D.K. Raed said...

Enigma: The Boston Tea Party! How perfect!!! And yes, if we could shorten the days to less than 400 by Impeachment, we could save us and the world from whatever mischief they have planned for these final 400 days.

D.K. Raed said...

I forgot to cite my sources: Wikipedia for mathematical info on the Number 400 & review of movie "Les Quatre Cents Coups". A site called The Bible Wheel for info on Hebrew alphabet and number 400. Mayan prophesy info culled from various sites obtained by googling Who Invented Zero. I linked the Sunspot site which can be followed backwards & forwards. yielded interesting Mayan numerology info. The Cosmic Zipper was inspired by the late great Carl Sagan. Here's a prescient excerpt from Sagan's "Cosmos":

"The global balance of terror, pioneered by the United States ... holds hostage the citizens of the Earth. Each side draws limits on the permissible behavior of the other ... however, the definition of the limit changes from time to time. Each side must be quite confident that the other understands the new limits. Each side is tempted to increase its military advantage, but not in so striking a way as seriously to alarm the other. Each side continually explores the limits of the other's tolerance ... The global balance of terror is a very delicate balance. It depends on things not going wrong, on mistakes not being made, on the reptilian passions not being seriously aroused."

Mr. Natural said...

Thanks for the Link for The Untitled Protest...Please stop by My YouTube Channel and view more...Endless March?

Kennedy? Bush was CIA head...View the following...

Copy if you can I'm Sure will Be Sanitised Soon...


Fran said...

I've been keeping my eye on that countdown clock as well. On one had it feels like we are entering the final stretch (hooray!), on the other hand, it feels like a big black cloud-- I shudder to think of what damages can be done in 399 days. Which is why I am encouraging all folks to participate in the Cheney Impeachment petition.
In just a few days there are already 65,893 signatures. Now those are numbers that bring a glimmer of hope to me. there were 56,000 just this morning.... so I really am both happy and hoepful that the "internets" (as my son sarcastically continues to call it) is being used as a tool for good. Yes! that many people, in just a few days have signed on giving their Yea vote to restore some semblance of sanity. The man who had declared himself not a part of the Executive branch, needs to answer to the country what exactly he's been doing. there are rules, laws, a Constitution.... much as he tried to ignore & shred them, the time has come to call the question &
demand accountabulity. All the numerology stuff you posted was very interesting.... but I'll admit
my attention is drawn to these magical numbers.
I am thinking positive thoughts, and envisioning Wexler delivering a million plus signatures to Pelosi saying, the people have spoken, the impeachment proceedings must go on. I have to admit I forwarded an e mail post to people on my e mail lists I don't talk politics with. Maybe they silently agree? If not they can put it in the trash, but I want to be able to tell my grandkids someday, I did everything I could to try to restore our country to sanity--- While we are talking numbers, that is what counts!

D.K. Raed said...

Fran, I was happy to sign the petition! Anything to help usher that conniving criminal out the door (and maybe even into a courtroom) is a positive act. I bet even non-political people on your email list will be mostly supportive. Cheney's approval rating has been lower than dirt for ages, far longer & far lower than bush who manages to keep his 25% base no matter what shit he pulls. I wonder if even a million signatures would impress Pelosi, though? I really don't understand her at all.

Thanks for bearing with me on the numerology stuff today. You're a good sport. Take it from an accountant, you really can make numbers say whatever you want. I'm sure we'll all be feeling much more secure as that countdown clock runs out.

Fran said...

I do think numerology is fascinating & found the sunspot carbon dating correlation chart interesting. Even the husband was drawn into checking it out.

I guess that petition by a member of the Judicial Committee really gave me a feeling of hope.
It's the most hopeful thing in this admin. I've also felt all along, I really dont care if they have enough votes to Impeach-- but I secretly hope & suspect once some facts & chatting under oath about specifics with our cave dwelling VP, would kind of force the Senate to vote to impeach....the things he's done really are high crimes & lots of them.
They really can't gloss this one over.

If anything let's have some part of congress take an official stand that there are laws & a constitution. As it stands right now, that is questionable.

D.K. Raed said...

Fran, that is what Rep Conyers promised yrs ago & why I am so pissed at him. He said if dems controlled the House, as head of the Judiciary Committee, he would begin impeachment hearings, even if they went nowhere, just to expose & examine the evidence. But not a peep from him after 2006. And he never even sends a form letter response to emails from non-constituents. I'll be watching Wexler.

oh, that Sunspot site was cool, especially if you followed the little pointed fingers at the bottom backwards & forwards (mostly fwd for me). When I ran into it, I was like, holy hell, you mean someone has actually correlated Carbon 14 & iceages to sunspot activity? Radiation and magnetic polar reversals?

TomCat said...

Interesting stuff DK. For me, 400 days means 399 more days to call for impeachment.

D.K. Raed said...

Tomcat, I regularly wake up at 4:00 AM hankering for some impeachment. It makes a nice salve for sore constitutions.

D.K. Raed said...

Oh my! How could I have forgotten this coincidence --- The MINT 400! That's the great desert off-road race that spawned Hunter S. Thompson's rise to gonzo fame with "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". The race was discontinued in 1988 (when GHWBush was running for prez). I just found out it is scheduled to resume in 2008! Coincidence or Crap?

X. Dell said...

Off the top of my head, I can't say that a 400 story occurs to me, but it probably will once I press the "publish your comment" button.

The wit of the staircase, as they say.

Personally, one should never be scared off by another's connection of one item (e.g., the number 400) to anything and everything. I don't know if it corresponds to anyone's reality, but if a certain W. is about to embark on a new path, I'm all for it. I didn't like the old one.

proudprogressive said...

oh "woman of the oak" another fascinating post. I need to forward it to bosskitty of bluebloggin who studies and enjoys these subjects.The Mayans, the calenders, all of the stuff, that our domminant culture would obscure from us and that we need to in my opinion "reclaim"

this week end i was immersed in personal drama..ugh. Glad to be over that. I prefer the drama of saving this democracy and only today found out about this extremely important effort by Wexler. Posted , emailed even the non political friends on my list, as Fran did. Yep, as E4E says "We are all we got". And you have said, "we need to raise our voices louder" Beautiful post, lovely graphics. DK you rock !

D.K. Raed said...

x. dell: welcome! Hey, as long as W's new path & our new path are divergent, it's all good.

PProg: glad you liked my "woman of the oak" -- I just LOVED that pic with the oak/falcon/deer, made me feel all powerful. Maybe I should do something similar for numbers 300, 200, 100 countdown days? I had fun with it. Be sure to show Bosskitty that link to sunspots & follow the bottom arrows backwards & forwards for more interesting charts. Happy to hear your personal drama worked out. yes, now to solve our national drama -- cheers to Wexler!

OK, time for DK, EK & Dogs to head out to the annual family pre-xmas thing, over the river & through the mtns, etc. Be back online in a coupla days & checking to see what you've all been up to (naughty or nice)!

Spadoman said...

Playing with numbers is fun. I do it while driving sometimes. I count the digits in highway number signs and add them up, then reduce them to the lowest single number.

For example, near my home, we have the intersection of Route 2 and Route 13. There are two 13's and one 2. 13 plus 13 is 26 plus 2 is 28. 2 plus 8 is 10, 10 plus 0 is 1. The "root" number is 1.

For me, 400 comes to the number 4. The four directions, the four seasons, the four stages of life, the four elements, the four parts of thought. When I get the root 4 I am always excited as I see this as a sign, a good sign.

I also like the number 6 as in the 4 directions plus above and below. Or 7, the 4 directions, above, below and within.

Oh, by the way, in counting the numbers, it always works whether you count the whole numbers, as in the example 13 and 13 plus 2, or if you count single digits, 1 plus 3, plus 1 plus 3, plus 2. Try it.

TomCat said...

Another good 400 would be 400 years before another Republican is elected to an office higher than dog catcher.

D.K. Raed said...

Spado: oooh, I like your description of number 7! Now, how do you concentrate on all that while you are driving?

Tomcat: too soon, too soon! We MUST protect beyond the 20th generation!

TomCat said...